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Author Spotlight – Don Massenzio @dmassenzio

Hugh's Views & News

While I’m busy working on my next collection of short stories, I’ve two ‘Author Spotlight’ posts for you this week. On Monday we met Geoff Le Pard. Click here to read the post.

#author #books #scifi #writerToday, I’d like to welcome Don Massenzio to my blog. This is the first time Don has appeared on my blog (other than when he has left comments), and the launch of his new book which features a favourite mode of transport of mine, Time Travel, was the perfect opportunity for me to invite Don to write a guest post. I’m so pleased that he accepted my invitation, and I’m looking forward to reading his new book. Over to you, Don.


When I started writing my latest release, Extra Innings, it was as a weekly serial published on my author blog. When it began, I wanted it to be a mix of baseball nostalgia mixed…

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Yule in Southern Hemisphere – Litha in Northern Hemisphere

Ch'kara SilverWolf

Yule Blessings to us in the Southern Hemisphere.  It’s cold and wintery, particularly here on the mountain.  I am sitting beside the fire as I type this and the glow of the flames warms my heart.    Keep warm and enjoy the many blessings of Yule. Blessed Be!

Blessed Yule


Yule is a time when the waxing sun overcomes the waning sun. The Holly King, which represents the death aspect of God, is overcome by the Oak King who represents the rebirth of the God. It is the time when you conclude the chapter of your life for the year and prepare for the rebirth of the New Year’s lessons and opportunities.

Celebrations vary from tradition to tradition, but there are some similarities that most people will probably recognise.

The festival is associated with fire, and the Yule log. The fire is the tool that returns all to its beginnings, “ashes to…

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Why You Can’t Trust Negative Reviews (New York Times Article)



The New York Times recently published the following article (click the link below to read it) entitled,

Why You Can’t Really Trust Negative Online Reviews

The article is fascinating—and not what I was expecting.

From the headline, I was expecting to see research into ulterior motives (like products being slammed by competitors).

Rather, I learned a few things about the habits of people who write both positive and negative reviews.

And it really makes you question whether we should place so much trust on the opinions of a very small percentage of product users.

If you’re going to read Amazon reviews, the article included a few tips to help you utilize them better.

Write Happy, Be Happy

Chris McMullen

Author of the Improve Your Math Fluency series of math workbooks and self-publishing guides

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Tools of the Telling Trade: Runes

Legends of Windemere

Nordic Runes

This week, I wanted to touch on three methods of fortune telling that are used in reality and fiction.  The fictional versions are always more magical and mysterious than the real ones, so there are preconceived notions people have when they try to interact with these things themselves.  Will these posts help clear things up?  Maybe, but I can’t call myself an expert on this.  It’s all opinion and what I’ve learned over the years while dabbling in such things myself.  Speaking of dabbling, this post is on runes.

First, here is a site that can tell you a lot and it’s similar to a book I have that helps me use my rune set.  At least once I figure out where I put it.  CLICK HERE

Now, I should explain the dabbling since I never really put any runes in my stories.  This is because I haven’t…

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New Releases – Space Scout Series By Will Macmillan Jones

Thanks for the blog promo, Ch’kara. The generous help you offer us indie authors is greatly appreciated. W

Ch'kara SilverWolf

Here is a new series by my friend Will Macmillan Jones, Scout Pilot of the Free Union is available today.

Will MockUp.pngOn release from 8 June, initially in paperback and ebook direct from Amazon comes an exciting space opera collection.

Starting with Scout Pilot of The Free Union, and quickly followed by Infinity is for Losers and Rogue Pilot, the novels follow the misadventures of Captain Frank Eric Russell. Sacked from a prestigious post, Frank ends up flying a preloved (clapped out) Speedbird scout ship around the galaxy. The missions are exotic, interesting, and considerably unsafe. Danger lurks behind every asteroid, and every new planet offers disaster or death as recreational possibilities.  Brilliant fun with some great chases, said an early reviewer.

Captain Frank Eric Russell is captain/pilot of a Valhalla Class Star Destroyer – until there is an embarrassing incident during a diplomatic mission to the border with the…

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Sheep, just because!

Jim Webster


My lady wife had to get another car. It’s not new, but it is newer. Thus every time she starts it, a disembodied female voice informs her that ‘Emergency Assistance is not operational.’

It sums up so much of modern technology. This is a service we never asked for, haven’t got a clue what it does, cannot use because neither of us have smart phones (why pay for a smart phone contract when it spends 99% of its life switched off because we live in an area with no signal) and what’s more there appears to be no way of switching the disembodied voice off. Or at least none that our dealer can come up with.

Still it does give me the occasional chance to hear my wife mutter, “Oh shut up you idiot woman” when she’s got enough on her plate without having to contemplate the ineffectuality of technological…

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Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New on the Shelves – Scout Pilot of the Free Union #SpaceOpera by Will Macmillan Jones.

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

Very pleased to welcome Will Macmillan Jones to the Cafe and Bookstore, with his latest release, and his other books for children and adults. Scout Pilot of the Free Union is the first in a new collection of Space Opera novels.

About Scout Pilot of the Free Union

Captain Frank Eric Russell is captain/pilot of a Valhalla Class Star Destroyer – until there is an embarrassing incident during a diplomatic mission to the border with the Imperium. Disciplined by being transferred to the Reconnaissance Unit of The Free Union’s Star Fleet, he finds himself assigned to an outdated Speedbird Scoutship. The missions are less prestigious, less rigorously overseen – and a lot less safe.

Threats, terror and mortal danger lurk behind every planet and asteroid as Frank tries to survive the life of a Reconnaissance Unit Scout Pilot patrolling the barely defined border between The Free Union and the Imperium…

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