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by on July 25, 2019

SFF history being made…

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*Note spelling

I owe it all to Tolkien (and PLEASE spell this name
correctly. It’s not difficult. Nor is it

I’d been reading SF and Fantasy regularly since I was 14, in 1967. I read THE LORD OF THE RINGS in 1971 (I’d never read THE HOBBIT as a child). It changed my life.  Because I am an obsessive.  So I grabbed every book I could find by and about JRR Tolkien.  Including the Coles Notes, which mentioned a Tolkien Society in the USA.  I wrote to Tolkien’s publishers, Allen & Unwin, to ask if there was a Tolkien Society in the UK.  There was. I joined.

From there I went to parties with other members of the society and found out about the monthly London SF Meeting – then at the Globe pub in Hatton Garden on the first Thursday of the month.  I first attended in November…

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