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What inspires me to write?

I love entertaing, even though I’m really the shy retiring type at heart.  But, I can’t sing, can’t dance, my guitar playing has my dogs fleeing from the room in terror, and as for the chances of being a fashion model, well… enough said.


So, what’s left?  Just writing.  So, I write really about the things in life that I love.  Friendship, music, and the wild high places to be found in the UK.  (OK, so I’ve let some dwarfs, wizards and dragons muscle in on the act.  And a witch or two.)

If you’ve ever sat on a high hill or mountain, and watched the sunlight paint shadows across the land, or seen the mist rise gently to cover the ground with enchantment, or had your socks blown off by a live band, then you’ll recognise some of that hidden – often quite deeply – within my books.

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