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Scout Pilot of the Free Union

Thanks, Jim. I’m boldly going forward (because I can’t find reverse…)

Jim Webster


I don’t often review books, but I’m making an exception here because a writer whose work I like has branched out into a new field. Space Opera. So it would be churlish not to mention it so others get a chance to look at what he’s doing.

Scout Pilot of the Free Union

Infinity is for losers.

By Will Macmillan Jones

Published by Red Kite Publishing

Just to note that I received advanced copies in return for an unbiased review

The books follow the career (in this case, career as in ‘When the brakes failed, the wagon careered downhill’) of Captain Frank Eric Russell, who becomes a Scout pilot of the Free Union. The stories are told by the good Captain in the first person.

This means that we whilst we see events through the eyes of our hero, we also begin to realise that he is in some things…

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Re-Release – The Cleansing By Sam Kates

Ch'kara SilverWolf

Today I have a re-launch for you of The Cleansing, book one of Earth Haven, by my friend Sam Kates.  For a short time it is at the low price of 99cents, enjoy.

The Cleansing (Earth Haven: Book 1) by [Kates, Sam]

The Cleansing (Earth Haven: Book 1) $0.99.

I’ve recently parted company (amicably) with my former smallpress publisher, Smithcraft Press, and am in the process of relaunching the five books previously published by them. The prices will be increasing, but before I raise the price of my best-selling novel, The Cleansing, I wanted to give you the opportunity of grabbing the e-book while it’s still $0.99 (and equivalent).


Apocalypse unleashed. Swift and deadly. Merciless.

Seven billion people inhabit this planet in blissful ignorance of imminent annihilation. Destruction comes, not from meteors or nuclear holocaust, but from a source no one even knows exists.

The architects of doom have long moved among us, hidden in plain…

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And at last.

Jim Webster


Well it’s finally happened, the last ewe has lambed. After just over two months, they’ve finally finished. The last ewe, (really she was a hogg as it’s her first lamb) was been outside with the others rather than being kept on her own in the pens. This is because sheep don’t really like being on their own.

Anyway somebody noticed her straining in the field, nipped out to check and decided the feet looked a bit big for comfort. So we fetched her in. (In reality we fetched all of them in because be damned if she was coming in on her own.) Anyway we got her into a pen on her own and with a little bit of help she has produced one rather large lamb.

In a way there’s an element of symbolism here, a sign that the year is rolling on and already we’re preparing for next…

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Samhain in Southern Hemisphere – Beltane in Northern Hemisphere

Ch'kara SilverWolf

Samhain blessings to all of us in the Southern Hemisphere, the days are growing cold as we head towards winter, soon the fire will be on keeping us toasty and warm. Blessed Be!


How To Celebrate the God & Goddess at Samhain

Posted on October 31, 2014 by ladyoftheabyss

In some Wiccan traditions, by Samhain, the Goddess has entered her incarnation of Crone. She is the Old One, the earth mother, the wise one we turn to when we need advice. She teaches us that sometimes we must let go in order to move on. The God, at Samhain, is the Horned One, the stag of great antlers, the god of the wild hunt. He is the animal that dies so that we may eat, and the grains and corn that once lived in the field before our harvest. We can honor these late-fall aspects of both the Goddess and the…

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Unhatched Chicks – Guest Post by Tallis Steelyard…

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Often a picture shows the end of a story but in this case, the picture is the start of a story. Andreal, the artist who is the mainspring of this exhibition, was travelling in the villages north and east of Port Naain and came upon a goose girl working in the fields. He painted her and as he committed her likeness to canvas, they talked. Something he said sparked a determination in her to better her lot and to travel to Port Naain.

Yet, ironically, I would not have known the story had it not been for Mutt. One afternoon Mutt arrived in the barge with a fine goose, plucked and dressed and ready for the oven. Valerin and Nail, Mutt’s equally juvenile followers arrived with him. Nail was carrying a bag of vegetables, whilst Valerin produced two bottles of wine from under her somewhat tattered coat. Shena looked firmly…

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New Release – Ironsides, The Haunted Robot By L.M.Beyer

Ch'kara SilverWolf

Today I have a New Release for you Ironsides, The Haunted Robot,  by my friend L. M. Beyer.

Ironsides, The Haunted Robot by [Beyer, L. M.]


Married life does not mean a quieter life for Errol Waring, reformed cat burglar and jewel thief, who now lives in a house with three generations of women and a robot with a mind of its own that somehow remembers things Errol has chosen to forget. Complications multiply when his friend Harcourt’s time traveling mirrors suddenly reappear and Errol follows his haunted robot through them to a medieval world engulfed in civil war. They fight to rescue his daughter and help the man she loves restore a king’s rightful heir to the throne.

Does Errol have anything else to worry about? Yup. His wife is looking for him and she has a sword.




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Welsh Wednesdays: Wales as a backdrop to fiction @LlandeiloLitFest 


via Wales as a backdrop to fiction 

Wales as a backdrop to fiction 


Saturday 17:00 Angel Inn:  Wales as a backdrop to fiction 

Book Tickets: £5 The Silent Quarry 2018

Panel Discussion with local authors Nigel Williams, Colin R. Parsons, Cheryl Reese-Price. Moderator: Jean Gill.
Cymru fel lleoliad mewn ffuglen- Trafodaeth

Trafodaeth banel gydag awduron lleol Nigel Williams, Colin R Parsons a Cheryl Reese-Price gyda Jean Gill yn y gadair.

Colin R. Parsons was born in the Rhondda Valley in south Wales, and has lived there all my life. He’s been a full-time writer for about fifteen years and writes in many genres: Science Fiction – Fantasy – Supernatural – Steam Punk & Mythical Fantasy.

Ganed Colin Parsons yng nghwm Rhondda yn ne Cymru ac mae wedi byw yno ar hyd ei oes. Mae wedi body n ysgrifennwr llawn amser am tua phymtheg mlynedd ac mae’n ysgrifennu mewn nifer…

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