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protected-267353_1280Times are changing and as Amazon/Createspace seem to keep updating their rules and regulations and leaving everyone behind and not informing us…Making our jobs harder to do for no real reason.

What this time.  Well if you notice on all distributer sites you have to tick boxes saying you have permission to publish said work. Ok so i suppose that is to easy to get away with…I know fraud or plagiarism is a huge thing which can hit anyone at anytime.

Well like with all things in life these new rules and regulations which keep appearing out of nowhere hurt the innocent more than those trying to do harm and rip another author off.  Maybe they should update their terminology since trust is becoming extinct these days.

What happened.  Well it now seems we can’t produce an anthology without giving amazon/createspace clear and concise signatures from each and every author…

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Beltane in Southern Hemisphere – Samhain in Northern Hemisphere

Ch'kara SilverWolf

Many Beltane blessings to all of us in the Southern Hemisphere as we enjoy the Spring months.   Today the kids will come trick or treating and although it is not Halloween here it would be confusing to explain to the children why it is not Halloween.  Blessed Be!


Beltane Festival is held in honour of the god Bel.

In some modern traditions he is also known by the names, Beli, Belar, Balor, or Belenus.

In the myth of many modern traditions of wicca/witchcraft, Beltane marks the appearance of the Horned One, who is the rebirth of the Solar God slain during the Wheel of the Year. He then becomes consort to the Goddess, impregnating her with his seed, and thereby ensuring his own rebirth once again.

Beltane marks the beginning of summer’s half and the pastoral growing season. The word “Beltane” literally means “bright fire”, and refers to the bonfires…

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Halloween Promotion – Possibilities By Lisa Williamson

Ch'kara SilverWolf

The final Halloween Promotion for this year is for Possibilities, book one of Dark Games by my friend Lisa Williamson.


There are hunters and hunted out on the dark streets of the city.

We all know what a vampire is. A blood drinking, undead creature of the night. But there are other kinds of vampires and other kinds of vampire hunters.

What if there was one who trolled the lounges to drain you dry of your Possibilities?





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Halloween Promotion – Short Story Strands Halloween 2012 Edition

Ch'kara SilverWolf

Today’s promotion is for Short Story Strands Halloween 2012 Edition, a great group of scary stories by some awesome story tellers.  This book is FREE so download and enjoy.



Come celebrate Halloween in ways both spooky and fun in this collection of sixteen short stories spun by talented new voices in science fiction and fantasy.

Insecurity Complex, by Jade Kerrion
Empty Glass, by P.L. Blair
The Red Card, by Sheenah Freitas
Chanceus, by L’Poni Baldwin
My Soul To Take, by L.M. Boelz
The Nest, by Linell Jeppsen
The Medusa Touch, by Sam Kates
Skinshade, by T. Jackson King
Little Girls Squealing in the Yard, by Lalo LaFleur
Tender Moments, by Massimo Marino
Blood Relation, by Patrick Ottuso
Grandma to the Rescue, by Sharon L Reddy
The Power of Spirit, by Ch’Kara SilverWolf
Dominique, by Edwin Stark
In Space No One Can Hear You Scream, by Lisa Williamson
Spoils of…

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Halloween Promotion – Death Walks Through By Lisa Williamson

Ch'kara SilverWolf

Today’s promotion is for Death Walks Through by my friend Lisa Williamson.  A great collection of short stories.

Death Walks Through


Every culture has some type of figure of Death. The Grim Reaper who collects souls as they lie dying. For some he is the cruel face of an end come too soon, for others a gentle healer of life lived too long.

But there is another face to this spectral figure. Death walks through the world, helping those souls that linger between this world and the next, those trapped by circumstance, wish, desire or loss.

So many souls linger needing but a gentle voice and hand to help them move past the final moments of their lives.

This collection contains 15 tales of beings who either know not that they are dead or just how to move on.

This book collects together 14 previous published short stories and includes one totally…

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Halloween Promotion – The House Next Door By Will Macmillan Jones

Ch'kara SilverWolf

Today’s Promotion is for The House Next Door, book three in the Mister Jones Mysteries, by my friend Will Macmillan Jones.  I highly recommend this series.

Will The House Next Door.jpg


Mister Jones thought he had finished with the supernatural world – but the supernatural hadn’t finished with him…

When Sheila Balsam finds herself compelled to buy a genuine antique in a strange little shop, she didn’t bargain for what came with the statuette – and Mister Jones finds himself once again drawn into the dangerous world of the paranormal : this time via the house next door.

An ancient evil has found a way to break from his enchanted prison and the only one who is going to stand in his way is the unfortunate Mister Jones, who seems destined to live in interesting times.

The House Next Door is the third in the highly regarded ‘Mister Jones’ collection of paranormal mysteries

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Review / New Release: “Demon’s Reach” by Will Macmillan Jones


“Demon’s Reach” by Will Macmillan Jones

(You can meet Will at the Llandeilo Christmas Book Fair on Dec 09th and listen to him at 12:30 reading entertaining kitchen stories at Peppercorn Kitchenware)

This is the fifth in Mister Jones novel, which I received before the release. Demon stories aren’t my usual fare but I very much like Will’s personal style, so couldn’t resist.

In the prologue we learn of a demon about to be released.

Then the narrative switches to Mr Jones, who gets a letter from a solicitor, stating her has inherited from a distant cousin, names Roger Havard.
He receives a box with some old photographs, which set up a mystery to be solved.

Surprised and curious to learn more about his family and their past, Mister Jones journeys to the mist haunted eastern coast of England, and the village of Hawkstowe.

There he finds that his family…

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