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Time travelling in #literature and #history – Jasper Fforde and Jodi Taylor at the #LlandeiloBookFair

by on January 13, 2017


One of the highlights of the forthcoming Hwyl Llandeilo Lit Fest will be a joint session between Jasper Fforde and Jodi Taylor.

all_tn_books Jasper wrote the hilarious and intelligent Thursday Next series. Thursday Next is a detective who works for Jurisfiction, the policing agency that works inside fiction. The books are set in an odd alternative world, and blends SF, Fantasy, Literature, Horror, and a bit of romance. This is how I recently described the series: They are a series of books based upon the notion that what we read in books is just a small part of a larger BookWorld that exists behind the page.

Follow the time-travelling disaster magnets of St Mary’s from the Egyptian desert to the Battle of Stamford Bridge, and from Hastings to the Sack of Constantinople in this, the eighth book in bestselling The Chronicles of St Mary’s.

I’m a big fan of the cult…

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