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Amazon is not your friend – reblogged from Chuck Wendig

by on March 4, 2014

None of us should ever forget this.

M T McGuire Authorholic

Except he doesn’t have a reblog button but readers, writers, anyone, read this because what he says is true. Amazon has been involved in a giant price cutting war to annihilate the competition. Once that’s done. Once it’s the only option, it’ll do what it likes. That means if it decides to give self published authors a 1% royalty and keep the rest, it will. Or if it decides to move to a standard model and set it’s royalty rate at 10%, it will.

The competition needs us but more importantly, we need them because we need a free market and we’re close to a monopoly. If you have an iPad, use iBooks, if you have a kindle, buy your .mobi files from Smashwords and send them to your kindle, yourself. Mr Wendig is bang on the nail with this one free trade has to survive or we’re stuffed. So…

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  1. Rebecca Douglass permalink

    I’m a Nook user. . . I REALLY need the competition or I have nothing to read!

  2. Rebecca Douglass permalink

    Seriously, though, I think the first thing is for authors to tell Amazon to take that KDP Select exclusive deal and stuff it.

  3. Thanks for the Reblog. Rebecca, delighted to hear it and I agree about select. I have only sold a handful of books through my other channels but I’d never give them up to join Amazon.



  4. Welcome, MTM. I think it was an important piece and needs spreading around a bit.

    Rebecca, I always thought the only purpose of Select was to oust the competition.

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