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New Release – Ironsides, The Haunted Robot By L.M.Beyer

by on April 6, 2018

Ch'kara SilverWolf

Today I have a New Release for you Ironsides, The Haunted Robot,  by my friend L. M. Beyer.

Ironsides, The Haunted Robot by [Beyer, L. M.]


Married life does not mean a quieter life for Errol Waring, reformed cat burglar and jewel thief, who now lives in a house with three generations of women and a robot with a mind of its own that somehow remembers things Errol has chosen to forget. Complications multiply when his friend Harcourt’s time traveling mirrors suddenly reappear and Errol follows his haunted robot through them to a medieval world engulfed in civil war. They fight to rescue his daughter and help the man she loves restore a king’s rightful heir to the throne.

Does Errol have anything else to worry about? Yup. His wife is looking for him and she has a sword.




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