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Let me tell you a tale…

by on February 24, 2017

OK, I’m going to start with a confession. Cue moody church music. Although I rather suspect that it might be the theme music to Father Ted than some esoteric and rather wonderful classical piece. To my eternal shame it might even be that music commonly used by the old Benny Hill Show. (Some of my American readers apparently assume that to be the high point of British Comedy. It isn’t, trust me on that. It really isn’t.)

Anyway, now that the tone and ambience is set, a confession. I am not a superhero. Now my good friend Colin Parsons, he can claim to be a superhero after stopping an unoccupied car rolling down a hill. Of course he lives in the Rhondda in South Wales where hills are the default scenery setting, providing him with opportunities around every corner, but still. A genuine superhero moment. And he is both a lovely bloke and a great author, what’s not to dislike about him? Check him out at

Sorry, this is supposed to be my confession, not a plug for Colin. Especially as he often outsells me at the local bookfairs. Not that I’m envious, you understand. Now, where was I? Oh yes, my confession.

I’m not a superhero. In fact, I think I’m probably the living embodiment of mens’ renowned inability to multi-task. I can not do several things at the same time with any expectation of doing them well. As an author with quite a few works to my name (or shame, as it has been sometimes described) I should be able to write, compose, edit, perform – yes I do quite a bit of live performance of my work – and market my books. And this is the important bit: Do Them All At The Same Time. And I can’t.

Over the last few months, my marketing has slipped off everyone’s radar in spite of several opportunities to make a splash. The performances have become less frequent. Why? Well I have run up against the most common indie/hybrid author problem. I cannot effectively create and edit AND sell the books at the same time.

I say that it is an indie/hybrid author issue. In fact that is untrue, for even authors with the Big Five Publishing houses have to spend a lot of time selling their books these days if they want another book adding to their list of published works. Being signed to a much smaller press just makes the problem worse, or perhaps more pressing. Either I can continue to indulge my muse and allow the creativity to pour out : and here I’ll admit that that side is going well.  There will be a Sci Fi novel along in a while, another Mister Jones Mystery, this time with added extra violent deaths, the next Banned Underground novel is seeing some love and a YA fantasy adventure also sits on my laptop, together with at least one other project.

How I wish that I was a superhero, and could find a way to write these books, edit them – which even with the help of some fiendishly expensive (although very competent editors) takes ages – and market them all at the same time. If anyone has any great ideas, I’d love to have them.

In the meantime, in the spirit of at least attempting something on a bright and sunny day here in Fantasyland (Wales), I will confess that the performance side of things is continuing. On 29 April I get a full hour’s performance slot at 1pm in The Angel Inn Llandeilo, Mid/West Wales as part of the Literary Festival.

Check it out. There are even some famous names on the list too – Jodi Taylor, Jasper Fforde, Jo Mazelis for a start. If they don’t when your appetite for a literary weekend in Wales, then nothing will.

Perhaps I will see you there? And then, even though I’m no superhero, I might have managed some of the tasks I normally miss out. Performance and marketing, all at the same time. I deserve some tea now, I think.

Oh, and if you’ve some time on your hands, until the end of Feb 2017 all my ebooks are on sale at 99p/99c. Check them out at

There. I’ve done it.

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  1. I love this creative, resourceful approach. Bravo. 😀

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