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Cute animals frolic for your delectation and delight

by on February 22, 2017

Jim Webster


The advantage of the lowest common denominator is that it is a common denominator. Admittedly some denominators are more common than others but still, who am I to cast the first stone when discussing the peccadilloes of  the unsophisticated? Similarly I am not going to direct aspersions at the Philistines. (A people whose grave goods prove it’s possible to be both a hard bunch of lads who would regularly knock seven bells out of their neighbours; whilst simultaneously being a sensitive and creative people with a deft touch with ceramics and colour.)

Still if common is what is demanded, then common is what we supply, the customer is always right.

Even when they’re not.


But setting aside this moment of doubt what am I waffling about and will I ever come to the point?
It’s as simple as this. You might have noticed I write a blog. If you…

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