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Super Saturday Sale!

by on December 16, 2016

The last Saturday before Christmas. Whatever your religion, you just know that this is going to be a busy day. I’ve got no doubt that lots of you will be oput shopping until you are frantic, scrabbling round on hands and knees amongst other hurrying, panicking feet, getting kicked and trampled as you search the floor for the shopping list you dropped a moment ago; braving the horde of eagle-eyed, sharpened elbowed, aggressive bag toting shoppers haunting the isles and searching for marked down bargains before trailing home exhausted and whether relieved that you have finished for the festivities or dreading the fearful week to come as you search for that last little thing to make things complete, Saturday Night you will probably be needing to collapse in a heap with a drink.

Well don’t. Because on Saturday you have a chance on facebook to have a laugh with some of the best scifi and fantasy authors around. There will be prizes, give aways, and even I’m joining in the fun, at 8pm UK time. And yes, I too will be – wait for it – giving away unlimited things that you can use as christmas presents!

So, don’t get hot and flustered: just come online and bag some free goodies and save your pressie buying budget for, well, whatever you were planning to drink on Christmas eve. And raise one glass of it to the authors who will be participating, with a festive cry of

Baa, HUMBUG!!!



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