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Coming Soon – Superguy by T. Jackson King

by on October 26, 2016

Ch'kara SilverWolf

My friend T. Jackson King is to release his latest work soon.  It is a new title called Superguy.  Tom has also given us the First Chapter for a taste of what is to come.  I will post the links when it goes live.

SuperguyMasterBase (X).jpg


“Jeff Webster is a reluctant superhero. Ever since he was four years old he’s been able to teleport himself to distant places, read minds and move stuff around with mind power. But growing up in Los Alamos, home of the atomic bomb and lots of research scientists, taught him the dangers of standing out. With both parents dead, he holds down a simple job but wonders what he should do with his life. Help people in danger? Block terrorist schemes? Become famous for his unique abilities? Watching him is FBI Special Agent Janet Van Groot, newly assigned to monitor adult children of people who work…

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  1. arkytom permalink

    Hi Will. Many thanks for posting the cover art and first chapter of my new novel Superguy! I think it will appeal to lots of folks who read in other genres, including Thrillers.

    Uh, what do you think of the cover art?


    T. Jackson King ________________________________

  2. Cross genre can be good, Tom, and it helps stop you becoming seen as too niche, too. Like the cover! It’s striking.

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