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FantasyCon By The Sea – Con Report!

by on September 28, 2016

Fantasycon.. nothing to match it. (Except Eastercon, Bristolcon, Novacon, Edgelit… oh dear.)

Joanne Hall

So at hideously early on Friday morning newest Grimmie Pete Sutton, Piotr Swietlik and I piled into the con-mobile for the five-hour drive to Scarborough for a weekend of shenanigans at FantasyCon by the Sea, which took place in two hotels, henceforth refered to as The Shining and The Hellmouth. They were a pair of mouldering Victorian piles (in every sense of the word) with a beautiful view of the beach and the north sea. Or, in the case of my room, the car park. But who wants to spend time in their room at a con when there are people to catch up with, panels to see and nonsense to talk?

We swiftly decamped to the Grimbold books table up on the balcony, to meet up with BFS Award nominated author Steven MPoore (High King’s Vengeance), and Kristell Ink table-wrangling stalwart Joel Cornah (

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