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Welsh Wednesdays: Call for applicants to the Llandeilo Christmas Book Fair

by on May 4, 2016


The First Llandeilo Book Fair last weekend has been such a great success that I have succumbed to the pressure of organising another one, and to doing so sooner, rather than waiting for another year.13119740_1091090187580860_3565965637614321087_o

So the date booked at the Civic Hall is Saturday 10th of December. 

I have already more authors interested than I can accommodate – even if we ‘double up’ on some of the tables – and I might have to make some tough decisions in that respect.13131097_775001345934774_6365350776596955595_o (1)

If you are an author and want to participate, please email me with the following details:

Your author name,
your location, 
number of books published and their genre,
language of your books (we had enquiries for Welsh language books),_DSF0772
links to your books on Amazon and/ or your website,
and any contributions to the programme you could make, i.e. readings, talks, workshops etc.

Please send your email to…

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