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by on December 4, 2015

Something a little special for me today. As you know, I am privileged to belong to an online writing group called the Alliance of Worldbuilders. One of our number is hitting the big time now with her harper Collins contract, and today I am able to present to you the cover of her next release: Goldenfire.

Goldenfire cover.jpg

her first novel, Darkhaven, has been a runaway success. Read that, then go and get this one on release!

Cover reveal: GOLDENFIRE by A.F.E. Smith

Today is the official cover reveal for Goldenfire, the second book in the Darkhaven series. It will be released by Harper Voyager on 14 January, but if you want to read it sooner, you can enter the giveaway below for your chance to win an advance ebook copy!

In Darkhaven, peace doesn’t last long.

Ayla Nightshade has ruled Darkhaven for three years. With the help of Tomas Caraway, her Captain of the Helm, she has overcome her father’s legacy to find new confidence in herself and her unusual shapeshifting abilities.

Yet three years ago, a discovery was made that could have profound consequences for the Nightshade line: a weapon exists that can harm even the powerful creatures they turn into. And now, that knowledge has fallen into the wrong hands.

An assassin is coming for Ayla, and will stop at nothing to see her dead.

Preorder Goldenfire:

Barnes & Noble
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Catch up with Darkhaven:

Barnes & Noble
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