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New Release – Return of the Goblins by Will Macmillan Jones

by on October 5, 2015

And finally, one of my own! Bet you all thought I’d forgotten how to write by now

Ch'kara SilverWolf

Today I have a new release for you Return of The Goblins, Book 2 of Snort and Wobbles, by my friend Will Macmillan Jones.

Return of the Goblins


Dragons are not real. Everyone knows that. Except of course for Wobbles, who has a dragon for her best friend. He lives in a secret cave at the bottom of her garden, with some of his friends.
When the Goblins who live nearby plot to steal some very special lizard eggs, they frighten Wobbles’ big brother into helping them, but plan to feed him to the lizards when they hatch! Can Wobbles and her special friends stop the Goblins making a meal of her big brother?
Designed for those parents and grandparents who – like the author – are addicted to reading to their children at night, and for those children starting to become confident at reading on their own, this is a perfect…

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