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Works In Progress – The Stars Like Ice by Jean Kilczer

by on April 21, 2015

Ch'kara SilverWolf


Today I have an excerpt for you from the latest book in the Star Sojourner series, The Stars Like Ice, soon to be released by my good friend Jean Kilczer.   If you would like to start this series, which I recommend, then begin with The Loranth, first in the series.

The Stars Like Ice

Huff, dammit! I sent, where are you? I felt his thoughts at a heightened distress level. “Huff,” I whispered. “Something’s wrong, Joe. They might have him.” I slung on my backpack. “I’m going down to the beach. I think he needs help. We’ll meet you–”

Joe grabbed the front of my jacket. “You’re not going anywhere near that beach.” He thrust out his jaw and pointed inland. “That way!”

I pulled Joe’s hand off my jacket.

“Jules, please.” Sophia took my arm. “Come with us.” She searched my eyes. “For me?”

“Soph, Huff…

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