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First Chapter – Galactic Avatar by T. Jackson king

by on February 26, 2015

Ch'kara SilverWolf

Today’s First Chapter is from Galactic Avatar by my friend T. Jackson King.


“The Skrill have destroyed Earth and now pursue the last Humans. Sixteen survive. And Ephraim Halliday must find a reason for all of them to stay alive, to give birth to a new humanity in far-off Andromeda Galaxy. But will any of them survive the pursuing Skrill, who attack them on both physical and psychic levels? As they battle their pursuers, Ephraim will discover whether sensual love or raw power will lead the last Humans to a new tomorrow. In that battle he will be helped by the spirits of eight billion dead and the gods and goddesses of ancient Earth. For they too travel with the survivors, the living avatars of humanity.”


Report of The Götterdämmerung

To: Earth Command Backup Field HQ, Pluto Darkside.

From: Carvalho, Commanding.


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