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Top Ten Sci-Fi Movies / Books of Will MacMillan Jones

by on January 28, 2015

Film, meet book. Or is it Book, meet film?

Dragons Read Books, Too

This is Will MacMillan Jones’ Top Ten Sci-Fi Books / Movies…

  1. Blade Runner (Do Androids Dream of electric sheep) Actually this probably should come first.
  2. Alien     Ridley Scott does with camera angles and lighting what other directors need a million special effects to achieve. And still does it better.
  3. Lord Of The Rings Trilogy
  4. Wild – I know it isn’t fantasy, but being able to walk that trail IS my fantasy, OK?
  5. The Hobbit
  6. The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy
  7. Red Dwarf     My target audience…
  8. Stardust     Gaiman. Enough said.
  9. The Prisoner of Azkhaban   For me, this was the best of the HP books and the best adaptation too.
  10. The Rocky Horror Motion Picture Show. How did I leave this until last???

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