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Interview with Will MacMillan Jones Pt 1

by on January 28, 2015

If people pay me enough money, I promise to be quiet for a while. maybe not, actually. Sorry.

Dragons Read Books, Too

This is the first part of the interview with Will MacMillan Jones. Part 2 will show Friday.

Tell us a little about yourself for the readers.

BristolconHi, my name’s Will and I’m an authorholic*. Yes, it would be dangerous to stop me writing, as I used to explain to my ex when she wanted the lawn mowing. Otherwise I’m a fifty something lover of blues rock and jazz who single parents a late teenage daughter (who is the reluctant subject of quite a lot of my stand up comedy…). I’m lucky enough to live in the myth and mist (well, rain, really) haunted land of Wales. I constantly walk the hills looking for dragons. No jokes about my ex here, please. When I’m not writing, I do some performance poetry and a little stand up comedy with gags taken out of my books. Yes, the jokes are that bad.


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  1. If you find any dragons in those mountains of the South or Mid Wales, send a couple up North please Will. Ours seem to have gone walkabout.
    Another author who like to weave humour into his fantasy is Terry Brooks.he’s not Sir Terry, but who is?

  2. You can have my ex if you like, David. She’d qualify under most definitions of dragon.
    I’ve been reading Ben Aaronovitch recently, too. I’m a big fan of that series

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