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Ducking and Diving @WilmaTheShark

by on October 21, 2014

Facing 50 with humour.

Dive 19th 4 Book signing before the dive

I harp on all the time about seizing the day and grabbing opportunities yet when I was invited to dive with sharks at Blue Planet Aquarium (which is pivotal to the plot in Three Little Birds) I politely declined. Sitting in a very large aquarium with toothy creatures from the deep was not on my personal Carpe Diem list. After further cogitation (gosh that’s a big word for me to use), I changed my mind. Here was an opportunity to do something incredibly exciting. I was a fool to disregard it. My involvement with the Backup Trust cemented the deal. I would get sponsorship for the dive and raise some awareness and funds for the charity who help support people with spinal cord injury.

shark6The Blue Planet Aquarium near Chester, is Britain’s largest aquarium and home to over 100 loving displays including Europe’s largest shark…

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