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The Death of a Book Blog

by on October 6, 2014

I’m reblogging this because it should stand as a warning to all indie authors: people like Tricia are too good to be abused in this way, and as usual the idiots are ruining a valuable resource for the rest of us.

Tricia Drammeh

Most of the readers who follow this blog are aware I have another blog – a promotional blog called Authors to Watch. For the past year, I have interviewed hundreds of authors, promoted hundreds of books, and posted dozens of reviews. What started out as a small blog that boasted the occasional post evolved into something quite substantial. Up until January, I posted on Authors to Watch several times a week. At one point, I posted every day.

In addition to the Authors to Watch blog, I also had a Facebook page and Facebook group. When the group grew to several thousand members, we took on extra admins for a total of six. Six admins might seem like a lot, but we couldn’t keep up with the spam, so we posted some rules essentially changing the group to a discussion-only forum (no promotion allowed). When the rules were repeatedly broken by spam-and-run authors…

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  1. It’s a pity idiots can’t be weeded out at the start. Ingratitude doesn’t sit well when someone gives up so much time to help.

  2. Sadly, David, the fools and the greedy are always with us

  3. Agreed. I’m sorry that Tricia is taking a break, but hopefully it won’t be a permanent one.

  4. Thanks for reblogging, Will. Even if I’m not posting on the blog, I always have time to review your books. I plan to continue to support my indie friends any way I can. Who knows? I might be back at Authors to Watch before your next release!

  5. That’s very kind of you Tricia. Your blog piece should resonate and go viral, it’s a really important issue! Please take more care of yourself! And a beak to concentrate on your own writing can only help, too.

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