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Snort and Wobbles

by on July 24, 2014


Snort and Wobbles

Wobbles was excited.Well,tomorrowshe would be eight! Eight years old!If you couldn’t get excited over your first eighth birthday, and with a party too: well, you didn’t deserve to have it, she thought.

And Mum and Dad had just bought this new house, with a proper garden and a stream at the end of it, and if you couldn’t get excited about that, well you didn’t deserve to have that either, in her opinion.

Of course, Wobbles was not her proper name.That was Lisa Abigail Hardacre.But ever since she had been able to walk, her older brother Jeremy had called her Wobbles, and she had been stuck with that name.

Her school friends were nice and called her Lisa, but Jeremy still called her Wobbles at school, and the nickname had slowly spread around.So, at home and at school, she had to be Wobbles.

Birthday parties were the best, well they…

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