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Wednesday is first pages day!

by on June 12, 2014

Who likes short shorts?

Suteko's Blog

Yup a new feature on my blog.  I will be posting up the first pages from short stories from various short story authors.  It is a hard thing to be a short story author (as you readers know from my blogs) So I decided to help support my short story author friends!  Read these and if you like (and I know you will!) go to the links and purchase the whole story!

First up is Louise Beyer and her short The Key to Aunt Agatha’s Cellar

The Key cover photo

The Key to Aunt Agatha’s Cellar, short story description

Where is Agatha Shafer Thornfelder? Did she go for a walk and forget her way home? Or is she somewhere down in the cellar with the spiders, the steamer trunks, and a closet full of old clothes? No one he talks to knows where she is, and Detective Cameron Murphy can’t remember a case more…

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