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Stray cat strut

by on May 10, 2014

Felinity: cats unbound. The blog has been busy recently hasn’t it? Well today, instead of reblogging first chapters sought by the brilliant Ch’kara Silverwolf, I have a new release to promote. Not that it’s really mine, I’m just lucky enough to have scraped a short story into the collection.

It seems to be a given that to get real exposure you have to talk about cats, these days: so for the cat lovers out there here is a complete anthology, devoted entirely to stories about cats. Of course, since the writers are mainly fantasy writers, there’s twist or two. So I offer you: Felinity, from Kristell Ink /Grimbold Books.

felinity cover

Here’s the sales link:



From the publishers:

‘These stories were originally written as entries for our first birthday competition. We knew we wanted to incorporate the fantastical feline form, and so our five hundred word flash fiction brief was born: science fiction, fantasy, and even a combination of both. We received so many high quality stories, the best of which made us laugh, cry, and think.

Our youngest author is just eleven years old and her story, Diamond of Earth, reminds us how deep a child’s imagination goes. We loved her tale, and the time she took to enter the competition.

Contained herein are stories involving other worlds, feline overlords, shapeshifters,portals, immortality, and many more…

This collection celebrates the idea that writing should be fun and something enjoyed by all ages.

Our competition winner, A F E Smith penned the charming story ‘Nein Lives’ and so we open the book with her contribution. We would like to thank both AFE Smith and for editing and proofreading services.’

Now, as my slot on the blog tour for Felinity, I have interviewed one of the collection’s authors, Tina Closser.

Hi Tina, welcome to the blog: please tell the excited reader all about yourself:

My name is Tina Closser I’m electrical engineer, but in my spare time I like to write stories. I usually write under the pen name Paige Daniels, but with this book I decided to use my real name. When I’m not writing or working I shuttle the kids to various activities, work on my farm, play viola, and coach robot teams.

What made you start writing?
Boredom and I had this idea for a story running around my head that I couldn’t get rid of so I decided to write it down. From there I couldn’t stop writing

Ah yes, writing: are you a plotter or a pantser?

I think I take a hybrid approach. I do plot out quite a bit, but generally things end up changing quite a bit from my original ideas

I know that feeling: it’s one of my challenges, too. What do you find most challenging about your writing?

I’m a very succinct type of person so I usually struggle with details.

I’d noticed: some of these answers are like drawing blood! What do you find most satisfying about your writing?

I get to do what I want to do and when I want to do it.

What is your favourite book?

It’s hard for me to nail down one specific book, but I’m really enjoying the Lunar Chronicles now.

What are you working on now?

I’m editing my third and final book in a series I’ve been working on, I have an anthology of my own, a space opera, and a super heroine book

Do you have a favourite place to write? If so, where?

My living room

Have you ever written naked?

No one wants to see that!

When you are not writing, what do you like doing? And with whom?

I usually hang out with my family we have a small farm we play on and my daughter and I play violin and viola. I also coach robot teams and like to tinker around a bit.

If you had to be Lost on a desert island, who would be your dream companion?

Probably Bear Grylls

Oh, that’s a very practical answer, Tina! Since he’s a TV personality, what is your favourite film?

Serenity / Firefly, Coal Miner’s Daughter, Fifth Element, Always

What is your secret ambition?
To set up a technological / science learning center in my rural community

How do you stay sane – and write?

Who said I was sane?

Umm,, steps backwards….What is the most blatant lie you have ever told?

It’s not you, it’s me

I am so nicking that line! Whose writing makes you jealous?

Jealousy gets us nowhere. Who am I kidding, Marissa Meyer she’s great.

Tina, thanks for stopping by. Tina’s piece in Felinity is ‘The Secret Life of Walter Kitty’, and I strongly recommend you go and look at at – by buying the anthology, of course.


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  1. Chris, if I had the slightest idea how to do that….. I would.

    I love being a technophobe really. Now, where’s that quill?

    • LOL just copy the link I’ve given above and replace the one you have in your post by highlighting it and pasting
      Click on the .com of your UK link, delete it and type in Will 😀

  2. Great post, Will. I know I’m being thick, but I still didn’t understand what it was that I was supposed to do for the Felinity tour, but this was terrific. Lol, and no, I have no idea how to do that link thing either, so you’e not alone as a technophobe! 😀

  3. Will how could I resist a book about cats, having two furr kids myself. Bought it tweeted and FB hope it goes well

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