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A wobbly review

by on April 3, 2014

Suddenly they all died. The end.

I’m a bit late with this review.  But, you see, I was waiting for my kids to finish reading the book so they could help with my review, and they’re slow.  Or busy.  Sometimes it’s hard to tell at our house, as 90% of the time, we’re all running around like chickens with our heads cut off.

Meanwhile, I read this in three days.

According to the author’s websiteSnort and Wobbles started as a joke.  I remember fondly its debut on authonomy and am quite pleased to see it finally in print.  But what’s it about?  Here, take a peek at the blurb:

Dragons are not real.  Everyone tells you that.  So what do you do when you are eight years old and meet a dragon living at the bottom of your garden?  You have the adventure of your life!

When Wobbles and her family move into their…

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  1. Rebecca Douglass permalink

    I hadn’t realized you had a kids book out! I will definitely add this to the pile.

  2. Thanks Rebecca: I sort of thought your teenagers considered them selves too old for a bedtime story though.

    • Rebecca Douglass permalink

      Oh, they are! But I have to keep up with what’s out there–for professional reasons, you know 🙂

  3. And one day you’ll be a grandparent. You need to start replacing the stock of suitable books NOW.

    That’s my excuse as well.

    • Rebecca Douglass permalink

      Yeah, that may be the best I can do to justify the huge collection of books that are really pretty much girls’ books (Alcott, L.M. Montgomery, L’Engle. . . ).

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