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So, Charlie and me, we had another cup of tea…

by on March 26, 2014

I’m repeating this because I seem to be repeating the experience.


Better known these days for his Doctor Who appearances, Bernard Cribbins was a noted comedian in the 1960s, and this is a line from ‘Right, said Fred’, his spoof on removal men.  If you haven’t heard it go and look for it, because it is hilarious.  So why has it been on my mind today?

Like eveyone else, I have occasionally pondered the question of the existence -or not- of God.  And without wishing to intrude upon anyone’s sensibilities or beliefs, I have come down on the side of ‘Not’, and offer the following evidence.  According to received wisdom, God made the universe etc etc etc in six days, then rested.  That’s the problem, right there. Not a chance.  On the seventh day he was up to his eyes in the snagging list, the central heating boiler had broken down at sparrow burp and he had already blown his chances…

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