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The Good The Bad and the Opposite to Ugly

by on March 23, 2014

This week, I’m welcoming an american writer to the blog. Linell writes proper books (that’s Sci-fi and Fantasy of course, what else?) and has just started branching out into Westerns, even though she looks rather more appealing than Clint Eastwood. I’ve not idea if she smokes the same cigars, but never mind.*

lament author

Linell Jeppsen is a writer of science fiction and fantasy. Her vampire novel, Detour to Dusk, has received over 44- four and five star reviews. Her novel Story Time, with over 130- 4 and 5 star reviews, is a science fiction, post-apocalyptic novel, and has been touted by the Paranormal Romance Guild, Sandy’s Blog Spot, Coffeetime Romance , Bitten by Books and 64 top reviewers as a five star read, filled with terror, love, loss, and the indomitable beauty and strength of the human spirit. Story Time was also nominated as the best new read of 2011 by the PRG! Her dark fantasy novel, Onio (a story about a half-human Sasquatch who falls in love with a human girl), was released in December 2012 and won 3rd place as the best fantasy romance of 2012 by the PRG reviewers guild. Onio also sports over 50- 4 and 5 star reviews.
Her novel, The War of Odds, won the IBD award for fantasy fiction and boasts 18- 5 star reviews since its release in February of 2013. It also placed 2nd, as the best YA, paranormal book of 2013 by the PRG.
She is in a collaborative effort with the Welsh author, J. Bryden Lloyd in, The Guardians- a science fiction, serialized thriller with over 30 reviews in the US and in the UK. The Guardians just won 2nd place as the best serialized science fiction novel of 2013 by the PRG.
Her latest effort, The Beginning of the Story (Story Time Prequel) is a must for those of you who loved Story Time.
… and now- Deadman’s Lament- a Western novel of Retribution and Revenge! Dead Man’s Lament already boasts over 40- 5 star reviews.

For more information about Linell Jeppsen and her novels, visit, or

It’s the western, Deadman’s Lament that she’s here to promote this week, so let’s go for the cover shot!
Lament 2 cs cover

50- 4 and 5 star reviews.

The year is 1872. Twelve-year-old Matthew Wilcox leads a charmed life on his family’s sprawling ranch in Washington Territory until a series of tragic events leave him orphaned and in the clutches of a vicious band of outlaws. Threatened by the gang leader’s perverted cousin, Top Hat, Matthew also faces Indian attacks, dangerous wildlife, and a deadly snowstorm. He survives but burns with an overwhelming hunger for revenge.

Thirteen years later, Matthew – now a Spokane County sheriff – realizes that Top Hat is riding again with a new gang called the Mad Hatters. It means risking his friends, his family and the love of a good woman, but Matthew must find the man who destroyed what he once loved most in the world. To that end, he and his posse venture into Idaho gold country to capture the Mad Hatters.

Top Hat, however, has a different idea. He turns the tables, heading to the sheriff’s hometown of Granville and going after everyone Matthew holds dear.

What follows will haunt Sheriff Wilcox for the rest of his life as he confronts the hatred, vengeance and retribution buried deep in his own soul. Matthew will do anything, though, to put an end to A DEADMAN’S LAMENT.

5.0 out of 5 stars, March 17, 2014
By Dianne Lewis (Fort Worth, TX United States)
This review is from: Deadman’s Lament (Kindle Edition)
I completely loved this book! While most readers probably consider the depictions of the basic human needs, bodily functions and handling of the dead as quite disgusting, I found it quite refreshing to read a “true to life as it was” account. I have been very disheartened over the years to see how totally bereft of knowledge our younger generations are of what daily life was like back then. This book not only gave a good account of the people and their daily struggle, but what it took to meet extraordinary circumstances by individuals and entire communities. To say “life was rough” is equivalent to having your arm ripped off and saying “it hurts”.

Good research, very good writing. I finished it at 4am today.

So, with your arms duly twisted and your tongues slavering, I can tell you that at the time of writing this post, Nell has put her book on offer. Don’t hang about…

* Preparing this blog I discovered that Nell has an addiction to exclamation marks that is as virulent as my addiction to footnotes. One hopes she can be saved before it is too late and she dies at the hand of a maddened editor.


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  1. Will, great blog! I love Linell’s stories and Deadman’s Lament was definitely a five star work.

  2. Ch’Kara, a great profile overview of Nel! Having read several of her novels, I fully agree with the five star reviews! She is an outstanding author who has the rare gift of making the characters in her novel ‘feel’ as ‘real’ as folks you hang with! And her stories are great! Tom.

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