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One Bourbon, one scotch and one beer…

by on March 9, 2014

The joy don’t come out of this bottle no more

And though the wine flows, the effect is so slow

I have emptied my bottles of whiskey and gin

I saved this ‘till last, but the Burgundy’s thin

It is late in the evening, I am tired and cold

Sat in this bar I feel lonely and old

Bright were the mornings in a world full of dreams

The fire dies to ashes in ruins and schemes

Yet somewhere behind, bright in memory’s eyes

A girl laughs untarnished by failure and lies

Just for a time now, still this drink will help

To buoy up for a while what remains of self

Time can heal wounds, a resolution I crave

Whilst I wait all alone for the peace of my grave

There’s a collection of songs coming soon…
So I thought I’d highlight some pieces.
Others will be posted occasionally here and at or



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  1. What’s the tune to it like?

  2. Rebecca Douglass permalink

    Is this a song for the Banned Band? And yeah, do you write the tunes, too?

  3. Yes, a song for The Banned… Jim, it’s a slow blues. Maybe something a bit more updeat next week.

  4. Lovely to see a poem Mr. Will! Lovely! 😀

  5. There’s a lot more to come, Soph.

  6. It reads like something by The Pogues, only blacker.



  7. Now that’s a compliment!!

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