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Midnight, one more night without sleeping

by on December 22, 2013

Watching, whilst the morning comes creeping, runs the song. If you only know a version by Shakin’ Stevens, go directly to jail, do NOT pass go, do not collect £ 200…

Sadly the Midnight hour is familiar to me some days. I lie there in bed, wide awake, (with my eyes tight shut) whilst scenes, dreams, and gags run across my frontal lobes faster than an escaping turkey at Christmas. Some of the time I don’t mind, but when I have forgotten to put my jotting pad and a pen on the other side of the bed, it’s incredibly frustrating as I have to go and search for those essentials without disturbing the flow of though. The number of times I’ve stepped on an upturned electrical plug carelessly discarded by my teenager on her way to bed is, well let’s just say I’ve given up counting.

In fact, it’s a damn good thing that I’m single, isn’t it? What partner would happily stand for that sort of thing? Can you imagine it? “Wake up darling, you are lying on my pen!” “Roll over, I can’t reach my jotting pad.” “I’m just putting the light on whilst I write this dialogue section down before I forget it.” Long marital experience suggests that these reasonable requests might get a rude retort from the Other Half… But as I get many of my best ideas at night, or at least the ones that seem fantastic until I actually wake up properly, it’s just as well I no longer have to cope with such impediments to the creation of fine literature.

So what I was wondering (at about 2.45 am if you want to know, when I was writing this blog post in my head before jotting it down) is this: are any of you affected the same way? And if so, how do you cope with it?

Now merely to attract traffic, here is another random puppy piccie. Sorry.



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  1. Arrrrh cute puppy! 😊
    I am very rarely asleep at 2.45am or 3.45am for that matter. If any one was watching my house in the dead of night they would think I have some weird problem as my bedroom light keeps flicking on and off all night! I don’t think there’s a cure I haven’t been able to sleep well for many years 😞

  2. A life time of early morning milking means that whilst I get to sleep pretty quickly when I go to bed, if I wake up after 4am I have difficulty getting back to sleep
    There have been times when I’ve just given in and got up.

  3. Jim, I take my hat off to you for dedication there. farming is more of a vocation than a living, isn’t it?

    • Well unless you’re in a big way it’s barely a living 😉
      I’ve always tended to try and pad it out with something else

  4. Rebecca Douglass permalink

    Great post. And I also like to use cute cats and pretty scenery to attract visits! I actually have little trouble sleeping most of the time, as I am usually exhausted. But when I do get wakeful, I’m too indolent to write anything down even if I managed to have a coherent thought.

  5. I’m with Lindsey too I’m afraid, I’ve suffered on and off from insomnia since I was a teenager. At least I’ve managed recently to get to sleep before 4 and 5am, which is a big plus. Mind you, I do find that I am most creative in these witching hours! Great post, Will! 😀

  6. I have no trouble sleeping but I do have to turn on my torch and add things. I think of nearly all the good bits just as I’m about to drop off to sleep or when I wake up and go for a wee on the night. If you have a partner the secret is, usually, just a good torch. 🙂

    Happy Christmas.



    • Certainly beats getting up and going downstairs into the cold and switching the computer back on, which is what I’ve done occasionally. Merry Christmas both

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