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How much is that doggie in the window?

by on December 18, 2013

dog 1

Two things sell, they say: Sex and cute animal piccies. Today I’ve got a quick post from fellow author Rebecca Stroud.

After the loss of her beloved friend, she wrote..well, I’m going to let her tell you in her own words. The go and check out her lovely book.

Zellwood: A Dog Story is very short but very poignant. Taking place at Christmas, it’s a tale about love & loss but has such a wonderful ending.

For the record, I wrote it about a year after our Beau died the day before Christmas Eve. Yet our other dog, Emma (whose photo is on the cover), continued to mourn (the story is definitely ‘fictional nonfiction’). In a nutshell, “Zellwood: A Dog Story” is about the grief suffered by pets when they lose a loved one – human or animal – and when they sense that others in their fold are feeling that loss, too. They are so intuitive…and they need closure as much as we do.

As for me: I’ve been reading and writing since I was in grade school; I’ve also always been an ardent animal lover. So, after twenty years employed by the space program in Florida, I quit to do what I love: write and rescue.

I worked for the SPCA; wrote feature articles for newspapers; had an anchored pet column (The Animal Advocate); then branched out into my current career…that of self-published author. I’ve also taken on editing assignments for those seeking a polished product at a reasonable cost.

All my books can be found on Amazon and, be they thrillers or short stories, all feature a dog. Below is an excerpt from Zellwood:

“I sneak a peek at the Christmas tree and flinch, seeing exactly what I feared. A silver-gray muzzle is stuck in still life under the pure white sheet intended to mimic virgin snow beneath the pine. Two forlorn amber eyes staring into space, Annie is lying on Jake’s rug, a tattered thing where he used to spend hours watching the motion lights. I think Annie sees only a twinkling emptiness and she is killing me softly.”

The link to Rebecca’s book is here.

Tomorrow, another guest post…

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  1. Great feature! I love Rebecca’s books.

  2. The grief of pets is a real thing and is sometimes easy to forget when we are grieving ourselves. Great poast. 😀

  3. Kellie permalink

    Awesome feature!

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