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Stranger in paradise…

by on November 10, 2013

All right, I suppose it is my fault. Four years ago, when I started writing this series, I came up with a name for a group of musicians that I thought was funny, what with them being dwarfs, living underground and all that.

I suppose that I should have contacted a fortune teller, a Mystic who could navigate the choppy waters of the future better than one of my Satnavs, and see that W H Smiths would start selling dinosaur porn alongside their childrens’ books, get caught, and pull down half of a multinational ebook seller’s website. But frankly, if I’d written that four years ago, you would have laughed me off your screens as stupid. Actually, you probably still do. Whatever.

Anyway, the fact is that at today’s date 1 November 2013, The Banned are still Banned by the KOBO platform in the UK as W H Smiths prefer only to sell hard core pornography written by the Big 5 publishers (yes, it’s all there) in preference to a scribbler of bad jokes.

So, as yet, NO KOBO if you live in the UK. My publishers assure me it is available in other parts of the world. Perhaps we should all move abroad…

AS an update, it seems that the books either are now back online for KOBO, although not yet on WH Smiths website. Smiths have taken a decision, it seems, that pornography supplied as part of the Big 6 catalogue is entirely acceptable and that all books supplied by small presses or self published writers are not (even when they are not pornography/erotica). Interestingly rumours are now reaching me that Waterstones are achieving the same thing in their stores by starting to insist that books are supplied on a ‘Sale or Return’ basis, thereby excluding small press works – as the small publishers can’t afford it – without officially doing so.

Where will it all lead? Who knows. But Waterstones still have some stocks of The Banned Underground to sell. Perhaps you should enjoy the experience of buying one from a real shop whilst the real shops still exist….

And as an afterthought, that may mean I was amongst the last indie writers to have signing events right across the country in real bookshops. What a sad thought that would be.


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  1. Didn’t Safkhet use Smashwords? If they did that might be the issue. My first book, which I uploaded to Kobo direct, is back on there. All the Smashwords stuff is listed but unavailable.

    I haven’t looked on the WHSmith site but certainly my e-books are not available on the Waterstones site which pulls it’s titles in from Amazon.

    Ho hum. I don’t get it.



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