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Everyone is going through changes

by on July 14, 2013

No one knows what’s going on…. OK, who got this week’s song? Changes, by Alan Price. Why? Because I’ve been musing on how we can sometimes entirely re invent ourselves if we desire the change enough. What has brought this on? Oddly enough, Hugh Laurie. Now, some of us remember the actor as the upper class dimwit in Blackadder. Or the upper class dimwit Bertie Wooster in the BBC adaptation of Jeeves & Wooster. Or the straightman in Fry and Laurie. A bit of type casting there? The dim burglar in 101 dalmations? But then the sex symbol (I am told) aggressive doctor in the enormously successful series House. And now a musician. I’ve been listening to his second CD of blues songs recently. How many of you knew he now fronts a blues band successful enough to be on stage with giants like Dr John? Or indeed that he had two CDs of excellent music out?

That’s what I call complete re invention. Amongst the blues songs on the latest album (perhaps one that’s more for the aficienados of blues, rather than a newcomer to the genre) is Alan Price’s ‘Changes’. I’d almost forgotten this song. Melancholy, yet somehow uplifting, and a great way to end the CD, with its message that whatever changes your life has encountered, the world WILL keep turning. Possibly it has resonated with me now because it’s a year since my partner and I separated after 17 years, and I feel re invented myself. Change is good, even if – especially if – you are not too sure where it’s taking you… I feel very fortunate to have a new chapter of life opening at my age and intend to enjoy it to the full.

Everyone is trading places, continues Alan Price. Now there’s a thought. I wonder if I could trade places with Neil Gaiman, who recently posted a photo of himself with his right hand and wrist in a bucket of ice? Why ice? Well, Gaiman is a fantasy writer. A brilliant one. And when over 1300 fans recently turned up to a book signing event, he obliged them all. Top man. Not one of these stupid celeb authors who restrict themselves to only a few books at a time, or quit when they get bored: he signed books until his hand almost fell off, knowing what it meant to those who buy his work. Be careful what you wish for, they say. You might just get it. I wish.

No one knows what’s going on, Alan Price adds. This time, I’ve got a clue: it’s back to the WP. I’ve got a book, or two, to finish this summer. Mind you, the way I write, maybe he’s right afterall!


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  1. And as if all that isn’t enough, Hugh Laurie is also a top sportsman and rowed in the boat race. Funnily enough, though, the one I’m really jealous of is Neil Gaiman. I can dream.



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