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We’re all in it together

by on May 25, 2013

Yes, I know that the execrable Boy George Osborne has stolen this line, but it IS a song title.  Honest.  By the Pirates, from the ‘Skull Wars’ album.  An album title rather appropriate for politicians too, I suppose, but still. For the benefit of anyone who thinks I’ve been a bit quiet so far this year with only The Showing and Bass Instinct coming out, here’s yet another release.

Indie Bites

It’s for sale at a ‘not for profit’ price, and it’s an anthology compiled by Steve Roach and edited by Kath Middleton : I’m rather pleased to have a piece in there and let’s have a quick round of applause for the compiler and editor.

Advertising your work is a subject that gets lots of authors into some difficulty, so I’d like to promote this idea as a slightly different form of, well, promotion.  Entering work into anthologies.  Promoting books is quite difficult no.  There are literally millions of us doing it, and getting out of the ‘Buy my book it’s great’ pack is becoming increasingly hard work.  So, I’m going to try entering a few anthologies as a way of spreading the word in a different fashion.  Will it work? Who knows.  But it’s a lot more fun than continuously putting out promotional posts on Amazon and Goodreads.  Why not give it a try?  Not least because having your work on show with other writers helps a little to alleviate the sense of isolation most writers feel.  After all, it’s quite a solitary pre occupation, so sometimes it’s great to be part of a gang!  I recommend it.



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