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Somewhere, across the sea…

by on May 5, 2013

Remember that evocative line from the old Bobby Darin hit?  About someone’s exotic and beautiful lover waiting patiently on a golden beach, watching the ships sailing?  It’s a line to make you dream of dusky beauties or darkly handsome hunks (depending on your gender and preferences, of course).

I know what’s wrong with me this week.  My latest work, The Satnav of Doom is almost finished.  Actually, by the time I either post this or you read this, the work probably will be finished and delivered into the eager hands of my publisher who has had to wait a little for this one.  I hope that it is worth it.  Of course, any of you daft enough to part with your hard earned stuff to read my meanderings will have to wait a while longer as it won’t be released until the very end of October.  Tough.

Anyway.  Even I can’t write non stop, and when I do stop, I tend to read, to clear my mind.  I don’t really watch TV, as I don’t enjoy it much ( apart from the music or archaeology programs of course), so I read.  But as I write fantasy, I daren’t read it when I’m writing at full flow, just in case I inadvertently ‘borrow’ some ideas.  So I tend to read travel and adventure books, and then this happens.  I get itchy feet.  Not that itch, there’s a powder from the chemists for that.  This is the itch that says: you’ve sat in one place for too long, you want, you NEED to get out and see places.  Buy a boat and sail away; get a motorcycle and drive until the fuel runs out and see where you are then; go to the airport and take the first flight you find with a seat. (All right, I know you can’t do that anymore, but you know what I mean.)

Maybe it’s part of being a writer, I don’t know.  I think I’m allowed to call myself a writer now, with 5 books in print and the sixth just delivered to the publisher.  Not an author yet, I’ll need to produce something I’m finally satisfied with before I do that, but a writer, yes.  My imagination wants to take flight, to sail into a red/gold sunset,to drive a majestic road into the far horizon.  Quiet, you  at the back.  No, I’m not drunk, just a little wistful tonight.  I think it’s the feeling I get whenever I actually look at finishing a book, even though I’ve already written most of the first chapter of the next one and need to be writing onwards.

There’s a big wide world out there, begging to be dragged into my next book, and I want to go and look at some of it.  Anyone coming?


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  1. Have you got room in your bag for a little one? Scratch that itch, Will! Congrats on completing your latest masterpiece! 🙂 xx

  2. Yes, I’m getting the urge to quite simply walk out of the door with a bag on my back and see where the next few days take me. Who knows, if we have a summer I might even do it 🙂

    • ‘Around the corner there may wait a new road, or a hidden gate’…

      • Yes but I’m wary of dragons. Still after a lifetime of dealing with livestock, a kind word, a stern look, and if all else fails a sharp slap on the nose with a stout stick should be enough.

  3. Ye gods, Willster, if you can’t call yourself an author then the rest of us slow whatsits are sunk! Course you’re an author, you write and when you’re not writing (which is hardly at all), you’re thinking about writing. Go travel my friend and quench that itch!

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