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To dream … the impossible dream

by on April 7, 2013

I’ve been indulging myself this week and listening to a lot of my vinyl.  And before you all start shouting at me, yes I know that the version I’ve been playing by the Sensational Alex Harvey Band is not the original.  I just happen to like it, that’s all.  I like the man’s voice, I always have.  Not the most famous rock band perhaps, but certainly one of the most original.

SAHB have been on my mind because I’ve been reflecting somewhat on what my friends and I are likely to achieve as writers.  SAHB never made the biggest time but they had a lot of fun and made some great music (as well as some not so good, being honest).  I have a suspicion that we may all be in the same place as the immortal – and sadly deceased – Alex.  I’m on a (publisher organised) blog tour at the moment.  No, I’m not going to put all the links down on here.  They are available on the Facebook page of The Banned Underground, if you are terribly bored and need a distraction.  So bits and pieces about my latest book are all over the internet,  the reviews, both good and bad and even the ones from other authors who feel jealous, are coming in and Bass Instinct has been granted the accolade of a listing on the prestigious Awesome Indies website.

But what does it all mean?  Well the first thing it means is that I’m having a great deal of fun. Some of the best fun in my life, if I’m being honest.  Being published is without a doubt one of the most satisfying things I have ever done in my life.  It fulfills my desire to create, which is an inner need I didn’t even know existed three years ago.  In another song by SAHB, Alex growled: ‘I wanna be rich, I wanna be rich and famous.’  Well, I’m pretty comfortable that’s never going to happen.  Possibly that’s for the best, too.  But on a temporary basis, I have at least got the illusion of being a famous author.  For a couple of weeks, I can dream the impossible dream, before it’s back to reality.


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  1. rebeccadouglass permalink

    I’m with you. Oh, I’d like more sales, maybe some wider recognition. But just seeing my book–especially seeing it in the library–is a great thrill.

    Now to get back to work in the next ones. . . So easily derailed by things like school vacations.

    • You’re not alone. ALL work on my books ceases during the school holidays.

  2. Few things feel as good as seeing your book in a library or a shop, few things feel better than someone telling you they liked it. I’d so like it for my books to do well. I don’t want fame but I’d love the action figures… phnark… and the… whatever Lesney are called these days snurds. Mwah ha hahrgh.



  3. Oh I don’t know, I’d love the chance to prove that immense wealth wouldn’t spoil me.

  4. I’d love to see my book made into a film, that would be awesome they can keep the money!!

    Errr… but then again I think I’d like the money too!! 😀

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