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I’ve been everywhere, man: I’ve been everywhere.

by on March 31, 2013

Actually, I so wish that could ever be true.  You see, I love to travel, to go out and find new places.  Well, places that are new to me of course: obviously they aren’t new to the people who actually live there, or those who have been there before me – the guys who made the maps of them for a start.  Or the guide books. Or took the pictures that tempted me to visit in the first place.

And in passing, this has for me always been the argument, non-pareil, against the existence of a beneficient deity.  There are so many truly wonderful and amazing places in this world that even the mega rich could not hope to visit them all in the course of one life time.  No kind deity could devise such an outragous scheme.  Sorry, don’t want to offend anyone, it just annoys me a bit.

Anyway, yesterday I was out on my travels, and found (just as well it’s still marked on the maps!) a completely derelict, silted up and unusable harbour.  The sea had retreated from it many years ago, as had the village it had once served.  Now, only some dangerous mud flats and an almost buried stream showed any signs of life, but the breakwaters still remained, mostly buried in the shifting sands and mud.  A fantastic day I’m going to remember for a long time. I came away with a roll of used film, and a ghost story running through my head.

Which, with perfect timing, brings me back to books.  Because i’ve been travelling all over again there.  sadly not in person, but in the form of a ‘blog hop’ or ‘blog tour’.  I prefer the sound of the first really, with its connections back to the ‘hops’ of the 1960s.  Danny and the Juniors (At the Hop) anyone? So it seems I’ve been on the continent, as opposed to being incontinent, in the States, all over the world.  Without leaving home or the laptop.  At first it seems a bit exotic, but now I’m just a bit annoyed again.  All these places I want to go and see for real, not by virtue of a virtual blog…But at least I’ve got an itinary now.

Got to go, another nice day and there’s an iron age fort a few miles away I’ve never been to before.

If you fancy a look, here’s the blog tour: it’s all about the release of the fourth of my fantasy series, Bass Instinct (Banned Underground #4)

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29th March- Spotlight post by Sienna Logan
30th March- Guest post for Dominick Swedden
1st April- Guest post for Morgen Bailey
2nd April- Review by Jamie Gibbs
3rd April- Guest post for Amy Sanders
4th April- Review by Cindy Callens
5th April- Review by Tracy Riva
6th April- Cover reveal by Sullivan McPig
7th April- Guest post for Megan McDade
8th April- Cover reveal by Kat
9th-14th April- Series of posts by Kay Kauffman including reviews of all four books in series, interview and guest post
11th April- Review by Tricia Drammeh
12th April- Guest post for Jo Lindsell
13th April- Interview with Tricia Drammeh

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