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I’m too sexy for my pen…

by on March 17, 2013

All right, settle down, you at the back there.  We all know it’s not true! Even I know it, especially when I look in the mirror.

This week’s meander through the gentle, and normally abandoned and overgrown branch lines of my mind turned up after a chance encounter.  I’d been introduced to a friend of a friend as a published author.  Well, yes, it’s true.  Astonishingly.  Anyway, this lady automatically assumed that I was a minor celebrity, and possibly rich.

Look, if you are going to howl with laughter like that, I’ll stop writing.  Or maybe not, I’ll just put that bit in the next book, if it is THAT funny.

You see, what I had forgotten, and probably (as I imagine most of those who read this blog to be writers too) – what you have forgotten as well – is how writing is perceived by those who don’t write.  I know it as a hard, unrelenting task which occupies most of my waking thoughts. Especially when I could be doing something less worthwhile but more utilitarian, like earning enough money to pay the phone bill. I’m not going to pretend that it isn’t one of the most satisfying things I’ve ever done with my life, because frankly it is.  Nor am I so self centered as to think I produce the best books in the world – I know that I don’t, or at least I firmly believe that i can do better next time: which isn’t quite the same thing, but will suffice at this point.

That half hour interlude has actually been incredibly useful, and made me think a little more carefully about some things.  Almost certainly all  the occupations I thought were desirable and exotic are just the same as writing.  Wild, bohemian, carefree from the outside and just yet another day at the office from the inside.

And I’m not entirely sure whether I’m delighted and relieved by that, or just a little saddened.


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  1. willatsafkhet permalink

    I never thought of you as Bohemian, Will, but it is interesting to hear what people say who are not writers – or even who know what publishing is about. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had to explain to people that I didn’t personally write the books that we publish, just because that person has never heard of our publishing house.

    • You’ve never thought of me as bohemian Will, because you’ve never seen the large number of stunningly attractive women who live in my house on a rotational basis. Sadly, no one else has either, as they all seem to be confined to the inside of my head….

      • willatsafkhet permalink

        We need to get you some Paracetamol, then, because I can only imagine that all those ladies are traipsing about in 6-inch stilettos at the very least.

  2. It is interesting, just how people regard you when they know you write. From the freelance point of view I’ve been regarded as everything from some vulgar scribbler, to be seated well below the salt, all the way to being considered some sort of selfless campaigner. When people discover I write books it throws them again. I’m obviously dabbling at something, but they haven’t decided what

  3. The odd person seems to be impressed, not with the fact that I’m an author, but that I’m less pretentious than they expected. This either means that I’m less pretentious standing up than I am written down or on the phone or that they think authors are a pretentious bunch, per se.

    I do know two eight year old boys who think I’m cool. Apparently being an author is part of this but their mothers assure me that the main reason to be awarded ‘coolness’ is my car rather than my occupation. Oh well. Can’t win ’em all.



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