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Everything Louder Than Everything Else

by on February 3, 2013

Was the despairing cry of a pressured and overworked roadie at a sound check.  The saying has passed into legend, probably because at some time or other we call all empathise with the feeling.  Certainly I can today.

As some of you know, when I’m not writing (add to that promoting, editing, promoting, networking, promoting etc etc) I actually do a little tax and accounting work.  This last week has seen the tax return submission deadline, so inevitably, and despite much cajoling during the year, some guys have crawled out of the woodwork at the last moment wanting their work finishing.  As a result, the unreal world of tax has forced its unwelcome self into the real world of my books.  With the resu;t that my ‘To Do’ list for the last week has got behind.  All right, unstarted.

The result of that was simple.  I took one look yesterday at the huge list of tasks ahead of me for the weekend, and made a cold, rational judegement call:  I fled….  hence the lst is a little longer today.  But nevermind, I’m actually in the mood and dealing with it.  This life has many satisfactions, you know.  many ways in which small pleasures can be taken, quite legitimately.  And today I’ll confess that ticking off items on a ‘TO DO’ list and seeing the list get smaller is one of them.

Mind you, it doesn’t get near the pleasure of a book launch.  This week has seen a departure for me.  Most of you know me as a writer of bad jokes, who occasionally gets one right and generates a few chuckles.  This time it’s different.  No laughs in The Showing, now on release with That Right Publishing.  The publisher described it to me as a ‘gripping, scary story’.  I hope it is.

I’m always comforted by these wise words:  Talent will never achieve anything without industry, and hard work will always make good any deficiencies of talent…

Just as well with the remaining size of this ‘To Do’ list…

Here’s a final thought. I was having a discussion with some online friends the other day about descriptions.  I’m calling this new book, which is spooky stuff, ‘Paranormal’.  One writer automatically now associated that word with Romance.  Is there any room left for paranormal horror?  Or has it all gone lovey-dovey????


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  1. Isn’t Paranormal Horror just a way of saying ‘ghost story’? or am I being really dumb?

    • In reality Paranormal really means “phenomena understood to be outside of science’s current ability to explain or measure” (yes I’m quoting the wiki.)This probably includes everything from sparkling vampires to local government budgets.

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