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by on January 20, 2013

Andrea kindly invited me onto her Castle of Dreams blog. My castle of dreams is here.

Andrea Baker Author

Hello again, and welcome back to my series Castle of Dreams.

My own Kenilworth Castle, the home of my magical world within worlds, and Leah’s refuge, is looking wonderful in this wintery weather.  Seeing it in the several inches of snow we’ve had,  it looks incredibly peaceful  – but it can also be a dark, gloomy place, especially during a thunderstorm.

In an attempt to highlight the beauty and drama of castles, I have asked fellow authors to submit pieces to this series – we’ve already heard from Paul Freeman, Katrina Anne Jack, AFE Smith, and Lindsey Parsons, all with very different views on castles from very different perspectives.

This week we have Will Macmillan Jones, author of the Banned Underground series, writing from his snowbound home where I believe today there is over a foot of snow!

Will Macmillan Jones live in Wales, a lovely green, verdant land with a rich…

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