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The time ticks away, leaves you with nothing Mister, but…

by on January 13, 2013

I’ve had a few odd anniversaries this last week.  First was another (and quickly forgotten) birthday, and then my laptop celebrated by shedding all the paint on the letter ‘a’.  What’s that all about, then?   I thought  ‘e’ was supposed to be the most used letter in the alphabet, and as I am typing constantly now in an effort to keep up with my publishing schedules and marketing programme you’d expect the ‘e’ key to suffer.  Wierd, or what?

Anyway, much more interesting is ( or was) the tenth of January, as that marked the second anniversary of the date I joined Authonomy.  And that I have to say is a much more significant event in my life right now than a birthday.  Joining what seemed like an innocuous authors’ website ended up changing my life in ways I never thought about.  I put all of the following down to joining Authonomy:  my writing has improved enormously: my typing has deteriorated: I have collected a whole load of online friends: the focus of my life has altered radically: I have escaped from my failed relationship, and in a civilised manner: I have had three books traditionally published, with two more about to be released and a further two being written: a whole new and frankly exciting future has slipped into view…

And do you know what is odd? (Or perhaps it isn’t odd, and Karma has been working steadily away without me noticing.) All this has happened almost by accident.  It was chance that I saw a reference to Authonomy, and found a link in an article I was reading.  Chance that whilst on there I bumped into Sam Dogra (so now you know who to blame, folks) and ended up in The Alliance Of Worldbuilders on Authonomy: chance that I first submitted work to my publishers just at the right time.

What then has the song title this week to do with all this?  Well, see, I love The Boss’ music. It may not be very fashionable, but I can find a connection in a lot of his lyrics, and before I joined Authonomy I really ‘got’ the message in Glory Days.  But you know what?  Now I reckon he was wrong.  Yes, I can look back at the things I’ve done when I was younger, but at the start of this new year there’s a whole shed load of things to look forward to which I had never envisaged.  Suddenly, I can understand that my best days don’t have to be behind me, but might in fact just lie ahead.

What a tragedy it would be if The Boss was right, and that all that was left for the second half of your life was to reminisce (boring the pants off everyone as you did so) about the things you did when you were younger: time he wrote a paeon of praise for living full throttle through the second half of your given time as well.  It’s more fun than just sitting in a pub – even though that might come into it a bit.  Just this time, to talk about the adventures ahead, not those in the past.

I’ll leave you this week with a quote from a favourite book, ‘Illusions’ by Richard Bach.

‘You are never given a dream without being given the power to make it happen.  (You might have to work for it, though…)’

Got to go now, I’ve two books to finish writing.


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  1. Lovely post, Will. Yes, definitely better to look ahead to the adventures to come than behind.

    Strange isn’t it, I too came across Authonomy by accident…in fact, I can’t even remember where I heard about it. But yes, I fell into it’s mad forums and wombled my way over to a strange thread that had just begun, called The Alliance of Worldbuilders. It was 12th November 2010 and what a fortuitous day it ended up being. Katrina Jack was the first person I met, and what a warm welcome I received, the start of many wonderful friendships to come, not least when a strange fellow by the name of Will Macmillan Jones popped online! Though I don’t pop over as much as I should, the AWB will always be the last friendly haven on the internet full of the most talented and extraordinary people! 😀

  2. What a great quote, Will! It’s funny how the most seemingly insignificant details can wind up having the biggest impact on our lives, isn’t it? Sophie said it best: the Alliance will always be the last friendly haven online. 🙂

    • Sophie’s bang on. It’s reassuring for us to know there’s a haven of sanity in the madness, even if we aren’t using it much at the moment.

  3. Oh-oh. Now I learn of another place to go looking for great people and inspiration. Thanks :p

    And I certainly agree that life should never reach a point where it’s all behind and you’re just looking back. I’m hitting 50 this year and just hitting my stride!

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