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Slip, slip sliding away…

by on November 5, 2012

Conversations on a theme:

garage – not you again.  What is it this time?

me –  mumblemumble untiedtheexhaust mumbleandthetracking’sabitoutmumblemumble

garage – go on.  How did you do it?

me – mumblemumblemumbleputitinaditchmumblemumble

garage – don’t you think you should be acting your age?

me – (defiantly) I am!  Second teenage now.

There’s actually quite a lot to think out here.  Yes, I admit to being over 50 yrs old now.  But I don’t feel it inside, so I don’t see why I should have to act like it.  I do enjoy driving quite quickly, although the horrendous number of points I’ve accumulated on my licence means I have to be  a bit selective about where I drive quickly.  And if I enjoy trying to provoke the back end of the car, well that’s up to me isn’t it?  Actually, I was being very sedate the other night, and was a victim of untreated, icy roads.  Honest.

But here’s the thing.  The garage clearly thought I am too old to be enjoying myself in that way.  The three brilliant lads who helped me to drive out of the ditch on Saturday night had similar suspicions.  But I don’t feel that way.  In the eyes of the State, my pension age might be encroaching at a rate of knots.  But in my eyes, I’m only early 20’s and am NO WAY going quietly.  My only worry is that second childhood might arrive too quickly, so I’m going to enjoy my teenage time a second time.  And this time, do it thoroughly.

One of my comedy heroes, the great Les Dawson once said (and I think even he didn’t dare try the gag too often): You are only as old as (the girl that) you feel…Hum, that bears thinking about, too…


And a final thought.  We are always being advised to ‘write what you know’.  So, I’ve the material for a couple more car related incidents now.  My poor characters aren’t going to know what’s hit them!  (A ditch and a hedge for starters.)


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  1. ’18 till I die’ a favourite song of mine!! 😀

  2. As Debbie Harry said, “die young, stay pretty.” 😉

    If it helps, some people clearly think motherhood and a two seater (and I’m talking car here, not push chair) are incompatible. I just feel sorry for them.

    So, I suppose people might have been looking at you and thinking, ‘hmm… mid life crisis’ because if you’re a bloke it’s a stigma you can’t escape (just the same way that if you’re over 40, female and in a bad mood they assume you’re having the menopause). BUT I bet, underneath there, they wish they had the conviction to be that little bit more ‘out there’ themselves.

    You only live twice, Mr Bond…

    I can’t comment on the Les joke… but life is too short not to enjoy it.



  3. too old to rock and roll, to young to die?

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