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Girls, Girls, Girls

by on July 15, 2012

Flighty, mischievous and inconsistent things, in my (admittedly) limited experience of them.  Yes, before my friends descend on me with screams of outrage, they have many, many great qualities too.  OK?  Can I come back out now?

Anyway, girls aren’t the only flighty things around.  And I wasn’t meaning birds (or more girls) but inspiration.  Why does it have to strike at the damndest moments, making my life hard?  It’s hard enough as it is, what with the summer trying to drown us all, he governments all appearing to be even more stupid than normal, and so on.  Here’s a thought.  Are the idiocies inflicted on us by our various politicians worse when the weather’s bad?  Sorry, got distracted there by one of those pesky inspirational things.  Sort of like a shaggy dog, only my retirievers aren’t that hairy.  I know, because they kindly leave all their excess hair around for me to clean up, rather than carry it themselves and do something useful like being the shaggy dog I need for stories.

Sorry.  But that last para sort of shows what i’m complaining about.  Yesterday, there I was, driving home from a signing in awful weather.  Rain, spray, headache, , you name it.   And suddenly I had a brilliant inspiration.  It was going to be great!  Only problem was, the policeman in the next lane was aleady giving me suspicious glances for talking to myself. (the mobile was securely put away).  I didn’t want stopping for a routine check.  Only, I did.  Because then I could have activated the voice recorder, and noted my brilliance for future posterity!  And saved the tape, and flogged it in ten years for a load of cash!  Dammit!  By the time i’d got to a point where I could escape the bleary eye of the bored traffic policeman in the next car, the idea was drifting away, and I’d lost the fine detail by the time I came to write it all down.  rats.

Tell you what, girls might be flighty, but they can’t hold a candle to inspiration…

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  1. Ummmm…not sure what to say about this one…flighty, eh? Ummmmm…lol…guess I can forgive the flighty tag, knowing that I’ve been on the flighty side myself recently! 😀

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