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Lust for Life

by on July 1, 2012

Well? Have you got it?  And not just on your ipod, although I’d argue that one version at least should be on everyone’s music player.  It’s a great song, a little different to some that I’ve referenced, but the title alone is to die for, isn’t it?  It is one of those rare songs where the title and the song come together in a glorious synchronicity.

Whatever am I burbling about this time?  Well, as you know – all two of you who risk melting your eyeballs by reading my irreverent irregular blog know, I spend a lot of time lurking around bookshops.  Last week was a bit quiet, what with half the banks in a computer meltdown and the rest apparently sulking in sympathy, so I had time to look at a lot of book titles.  It struck me again how carefully many writers had chosen their titles, and how some seemed to have fallen across them.  Some titles seemed to draw me from across the room, calling to me with a siren song, entrancing in a sultry voice. Mae West in full seduction mode. Others yelled more boldly, almost aggressively.  Sort of ‘Come and read me then, if you think you’re hard enough!’  But many were bland and uninteresting, about as tempting as a slap from a wet fish.

It’s a competitive old world out there at the moment, especially in fantasy, and you have to do what you can to get noticed, especially when some of the cover art can be distracting.  Or worse, generic.  If I see one more hooded figure with a weapon/fiery globe in hand, I swear I’ll scream.  But a title, in a stand out colour, ah, that can draw a reader from across a room as if hooks had been fixed in their eyes.

Now there’s an image, eh? I swear that from now on, I’m going to pay much more attention to my titles.  Iggy Pop did.  Just three syllables, but a phrase that resonates when you hear it.   Wouldn’t it be good as a book title?  Now there’s a thought!


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  1. I agree about titles. Originally I came up with titles that would say ‘this book is comic fantasy’ so the kind of Night Watch, Guards Guards type things…. But now I’m looking for something that stands up and very much out.

    As for Lust for Life. Yeh. I could do with some of that right now.



  2. kimatsafkhet permalink

    I agree with you too, obviously. Sometimes, I wish we could always afford a focus group for every title and cover art we come up with … that would help!

  3. It is a great title. I’d buy it just because of the title.

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