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Book signings are fun

by on February 26, 2012

Honest! Once you have done a couple, they are fun. Still scary mind you, but fun. As a naturally shy, reticent person, I am the sort of author who writes in a solitary environment and then emerges, blinking, into sunlight with his MSS clutched safely in the WP. And then looks around in amazement that anyone should be insane enough to look at it.

Finding that the world contains madmen prepared to part with good money for what I have always thought of as my rubbish has been a revalation.

But still, despite the gentle encouragement of the booksellers who would probably prefer me to leap upon their customers with a snarl and drag them kicking and screaming to the till, I am rather more inclined to sneak around the corner of a bookcase and push a copy of my book into a surprised hand with the hissed words:”Psst – you wanna buy a book?”

And you know what? We are in a bookshop, so people do buy it!

If you have a book out, and have never done a book signing, I would urge you to get out there and do some. What have you got to lose? And the buzz uou will get when someone you have never met, and probably never will meet again, smiles and takes your book to the checkout is amazing.

Get out there guys!


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One Comment
  1. You are an uncommonly brave man, Will!

    Brilliant post and very good advice. Book signings must scary to do, but are essential to getting your book out there and selling! 😀

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