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Awesome Anthologies – Recollection of Shared Days: Stories of Celebration

Originally posted on Ch'kara SilverWolf:

Today’s Awesome Anthologies is for Recollection of Shared Days by a talented group of authors including my friends and fellow authors Sheenah Freitas and Holly Barbo.   Also it is FREE until Saturday so check it out.

Sheenah AnthologyCover11DESCRIPTION

The desire to celebrate is intrinsic to human nature. Whether it be a victory or a new season, humans have found something to use as an excuse to get together and party. The authors at Paper Crane Books have written original stories to showcase the days we all love best: holidays. Seven stories. Four seasons. They span across time, countries, and even worlds. Come and celebrate with us!
Featured holidays include:
Valentine’s Day
Spring equinox celebration
Children’s Day
July 4th
Veterans Day
Christmas/New Year


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Summer reads blog tour – Week 8!!!!!

Summer Reads Blog Tour – Week Eight
Kay Kauffman

Tick tock, tick tock, it’s week eight in our Summer Reads Blog Tour and I’ve come to welcome Kay Kauffman to our madness! Kay is another lovely online friend from Authonomy who I’ve been chatting with now for a number of years. She’s fun, has a gentle spirit that I simply adore, and will be the first to gather her popcorn bucket when Sam and I start our online battles! Let’s hear it up for Kay!

As a girl, I dreamed of being swept off my feet by my one true love. At the age of 24, it finally happened…and he’s never let me forget it. A mild-mannered secretary by day and a determined word-wrangler by night, I battle the twin evils of distraction and procrastination in order to write fantastical tales of wuv…twue wuv…with a few bad haiku thrown in for good measure.
I reside in the midst of an Iowa corn field with my hopelessly devoted husband and his mighty red pen; four crazy, cute kids; and an assortment of adorable kitties, chicks, and bunnies.

My first novel, The Price of Mercy: Book One of the Lokana Chronicles,is currently undergoing a major rewrite in advance of another round of queries. My poetry collection, Tuesday Daydreams: A Journal in Verse, is available on Amazon.
Capturing the life and imagination of the author in vivid detail, these poems touch on joy and loss, life’s everyday hassles, and the many faces of Mother Nature.

Author Links:

Kay’s bookshelf: summer-reads-blog-2014

The Amulet of Kings
4 of 5 stars
In the first book of the series, we meet the goodies (Chris and Linda, Ben and Grizelda, Fungus and the Banned), the baddies (Ned and the Watches, the Grey Mage, Caer Surdin), and an assortment of other characters (the Edern, the Tuatha,…
Kindar's Cure
4 of 5 stars
This was a fantastic story. Mal was, for me, a bit hard to read, and I felt at the end that…well, not to give anything away, but I felt he must have been a wonderful actor. I loved Sir Henry – he reminded me strongly of Seymour. And…
Bad Bishop
5 of 5 stars
So, what did I think? I thought it was great. It reminded me very strongly of the classic literature that I love so much. I didn’t put everything together until the very end, which I always enjoy. It’s nice to be kept guessing. And …
City of the Sun
5 of 5 stars
Once I started this story, I couldn’t put it down. Well, okay, I could, obviously, or it wouldn’t have taken me so long to finish it, but when I wasn’t reading, I was thinking about it. Mickey and Maya wouldn’t leave me alone; they dem…
Chasing Azrael
5 of 5 stars
I could not put this book down. I stayed up past the witching hour reading this book on more than one occasion and was sorely tempted to just read the whole thing in one sitting, but my day job had other ideas (apparently they like thei…

Share book reviews and ratings with Kay, and even join a book club on Goodreads.

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Snort and Wobbles

Originally posted on BooksGoSocial:

Snort and Wobbles

Wobbles was excited.Well,tomorrowshe would be eight! Eight years old!If you couldn’t get excited over your first eighth birthday, and with a party too: well, you didn’t deserve to have it, she thought.

And Mum and Dad had just bought this new house, with a proper garden and a stream at the end of it, and if you couldn’t get excited about that, well you didn’t deserve to have that either, in her opinion.

Of course, Wobbles was not her proper name.That was Lisa Abigail Hardacre.But ever since she had been able to walk, her older brother Jeremy had called her Wobbles, and she had been stuck with that name.

Her school friends were nice and called her Lisa, but Jeremy still called her Wobbles at school, and the nickname had slowly spread around.So, at home and at school, she had to be Wobbles.

Birthday parties were the best, well they…

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Short Story Collections – When I dream of A Cambrian Sea by L M Beyer

Originally posted on Ch'kara SilverWolf:

Today’s Short Story Collection is from When I Dream of A Cambrian Sea by friend and fellow author L M Beyer.

Cambrian Sea 4 SciFi Shorts CoverDESCRIPTION

These four short stories include:

When I Dream of a Cambrian Sea: Is it an abandoned mine? Or something older?
Baby’s Breath: Don’t speak of Millie in the past tense.
All Highways Look the Same in the Rain: Doesn’t matter where you are or who you are.
The Bugs We Haven’t Met Yet: Colonization might be easier than we think.

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Awesome Anthologies – Dark Minds

Originally posted on Ch'kara SilverWolf:

Today’s Awesome Anthologies is for Dark Minds by my friend and fellow author Lisa Williamson and other talented authors.


You are invited to step into the world of the bizarre, where just about anything is possible. Here is a place where anything can and probably will happen.
You are entering through a doorway and into the minds of some of the best independent authors about today.
Here is presented to you, a unique collection of 16 short stories.
There is something inside for everyone.
From wondrous tales of magic, to those of an extremely disturbing reality. And from pure fantasy, to the downright terrifying. There are Zombies, Vampires, Demons and Witches to name but a few.
They will shock you, bewilder you and scare you half to death.
Read on, but once you enter remember, there will be no escape. The door to our Dark Minds has been opened.

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Children’s Worlds of Wonder – The Enchanted Portal at Haunted Lake by Jean Kilczer

Originally posted on Ch'kara SilverWolf:

Today’s Children’s Worlds of Wonder is from The Enchanted Portal At Haunted Lake Book 2 of Snowflakes World by friend and fellow author Jean Kilczer.

Enchanted PortalDESCRIPTION

The grubby, dangerous back alleys of New York City are no place for a naive young Siberian husky and her grumpy but loyal beaver buddy Stumpy, but that’s where they must search for Snowflake’s lost dad and his new bride Jenny.




It was a bleak November morning after the storm at Haunted Lake. Wind moaned through mountain passes and stirred the surface mist into demon shapes. I caught my breath when it took the form of a sunken boat lying on its side, but it quickly shredded back to mist.

“C’mon, kid,” Stumpy, my beaver friend said as we stood on wet sand with wind lifting our fur. “There’s nothing out there but…

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Throwback Thursday: Fear of Formatting

Originally posted on Tricia Drammeh:

It’s Throwback Thursday again, and today’s recycled post goes back to May 2013. As I endeavor to format and publish a new book (wish me luck), I’ve been thinking about those self-publishing fears that prevent some of us authors from going it alone. Don’t let your fear of formatting keep you from achieving your dreams. If you choose to sign on with a traditional publisher or small press, more power to you. But don’t make any publishing decisions out of fear. Every aspect of self-publishing is do-able. If you’re a technophobe, it might not be easy, but I promise you can do it. Take your time. Do your research. And find people who will help you.

Read on…

Fear of Formatting

babe ruth“Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game” ~ Babe Ruth

If you’re a baseball fan, you’ve read this quote. If you’ve ever seen A…

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