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Halloween Is Coming – Halloween Pranks & Mischief by Lisa Williamson

Originally posted on Ch'kara SilverWolf:

Today’s Halloween offering is for Halloween Pranks & Mischief with a little taste of the story by my friend and fellow author Lisa Williamson.

LISA halloween-pranks

Halloween Pranks and Mischief

By Lisa Williamson © 2012

A Guardian of the Gate City tale

Another fall was coming on strong. The hot summer gave way to cooler temperatures and the bright colors of autumn. Being native to the area I wasn’t as crazy for the foliage as some but then that is because I have dealt with enough nutcases daily. Visiting dignitaries from the various non-human races would come by around Columbus Day carting cameras and maps. Sometimes they behaved, other times I had to break up ‘discussions’. Why the heck they stopped in my city I had no idea. The foliage was better up in the White Mountain range but for some reason they all stopped in my city.

Okay this year…

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Halloween Is Coming – Cha-Cha-Changes by Lisa Williamson

Originally posted on Ch'kara SilverWolf:

Today’s Halloween contribution is for Ch-Cha–Changes by friend and fellow author Lisa Williamson.  A taste of what is to come is added for you to read.

LISA changes


A Magic and Nightmares short story

By Lisa Williamson


In the future magic is as understood as science. Students do their research on many antique modes of thought.

David is determined to prove to his friends that Pop Music magic really existed. He has done his research and tonight he will prove that it wasn’t just silly songs that were sung


“Five hundred years can make the commonplace into something out of myths. What science can’t understand could very well be magic.” Dissertation on magic and music by Professor Mark Carlisle


 “Really, David, where did you get this crackpot idea?”

David grumbled as he looked over his shoulder at his friend and classmate Charlie. The tall, gawky redhead…

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Halloween Is Coming – Cemetery Games by Lisa Williamson

Originally posted on Ch'kara SilverWolf:

Today’s Halloween treat is from my friend and fellow author Lisa Williamson and is called Cemetery Games, to read the rest look for the links below.

LISA cemetaryCemetery Games

A Magic and Nightmares short story

By Lisa Williamson

 Every town has a built in ghost story. Legends of things that go bump in the night or scary old abandoned house fill the stories that the teenagers tell each other as the year comes down toward its end. Just outside of Dunstable, Massachusetts is one such place.

Teenagers from miles around dare each other to spend the night in the Blood Cemetery. The legend is that the tiny cemetery is where the infamous Captain Blood, pirate king was buried. Any night when the sky is clear a handful of teens will wander down and do their best to scare each other with spooky sounds and popping up from behind tombstones. Most of…

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Halloween Is Coming – One More All Hallows Eve by Lisa Williamson

Originally posted on Ch'kara SilverWolf:

Well we are getting close to Halloween and I still have just a few more posts for you.  The first one for today is for a taste of  One More All Hallows Eve by friend and fellow author Lisa Williamson.

LISA all-hallows-three

One More All Hallows Eve © 2012

By Lisa Williamson

It was another dark and windy night. Like so many others. I walked the streets, watching the kids as they rousted the neighborhood for more sugar. Just what most of those little yard apes needed. Empty calories to give them more endless energy to drive their parents nuts. I’m just glad it isn’t me that has to explain to little Jillie or Marky that they can’t eat all their stash in one night. Some things even I won’t try.

Most of the nice people on the streets had no idea just what they were really celebrating or why. And that…

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BristolCon and other loveliness

Featured Image -- 1093

Originally posted on Ellen Crosháin Author's Blog:

BristolCon can be summed up in four words. Ten buckets of awesome. It was so much fun.  Joanne Hall did an amazing job as Chair (as she has done since it started) I was really nervous going on my own because usually I go with hubster or Nakama. Sadly, I missed the first talk because my bus was late but I was kept busy by my goody bag and the stalls. I even bought a few Christmas presents. I’ll start off with the stalls. There was a room full of the usual stuff you get at cons, crafts and jewellery, stuff from Forbidden Planet and a comic book shop, as well as few authors and artists selling their own stuff. The FP stand had Grimbold Books, stuff by Emma Newman, Anna Lyle, Snorri Kristianson, Mark Lawrence and a dozen other authors and artists I have admired for years, including Jim…

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Lord of The Rings re visited…

As trialled at the open mic session at Bristolcon 2014…


Let’s think about Middle Earth… a month after The Battle of Five Armies…

King Dain is in his office, looking at his desk. ‘I wanted to be King Under The Mountain, not King under the mountain of bloody paperwork.’
Gandalf’s no good to Dain: as soon as the photographers had gone, he was off to the next photo opportunity! Gandalf… no wonder he was called The Grey. Four books, and he never visits a hairdresser, the laundrette or has a bath. His underwear must be… unless he goes wizard commando, which doesn’t bear thinking about. In fact, when his line manager wanted to promote Gandalf, he first had to hire a Balrog to drag Gandalf into deep water to get clean…

And doesn’t poor Sauron get a bad press? He loses a finger and ends up with just one red eye following an industrial accident, next thing G4S have given him a work placement in the devolved region of Mordor after he passes the ATOS Disability Working Test. What does he find when he gets to Middle Earth?

The country is being run by an uneasy coalition of Elves – a rich self-centered group whose only concern is their narrow self interest; and The Men of The West: the ineffectual remains of a foreign aristocratic refugees who seized power with the aid of the all-seeing, all-hearing Palantir: or as we would call them, GCHQ and the NSA. And everyone else is living on subsistence incomes whilst the rural crime rate is going up, and the infrastructure of roads and bridges is collapsing for lack of maintenance investment outside of the capital.

And they said Tolkien was a Fantasy writer, when he was just predicting the future…

So being a proper Keynsian economist, Sauron uses his resources to expand the farms in the east of Mordor to make his region self sufficient in food; improves the roads for passage of goods and people; and uses State Aid to open factories and workshops to relieve the chronic unemployment of the indigenous Orc population. He powers the whole operation with the clean Geo Thermal energy from Mount Doom.

Instead of rewarding him, the Adam Smith Free Marketeers of the Coalition have him overthrown and then hire a Spin Doctor to trash his reputation. As Kermit said, it’s not easy being Green…


Photo from the Dealer’s Hall at Bristolcon, taken by my friend Sophie E Tallis.

The Banned Underground will next be appearing at Novacon44 convention in Nottingham, November 14-16 2014. Come and say hello!

New Release – Darkness Waits by Simone Beaudelaire & Edwin Stark

Originally posted on Ch'kara SilverWolf:

Today is a New Release and also something for Halloween called Darkness Waits by my friends and fellow authors Simone Beaudelaire. and Edwin Stark.

Simone Darkness Waits


Hunting for a creepy read this Halloween? Open the gate and cross the threshold into our haunted house of mixed tales horror. Sample a variety of nightmarish visions. From ghosts to ghouls, mutants to monsters and every kind of bloodsucker in between, The Darkness Waits offers a creature for every taste.

Will you dare open the gate?


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