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Press and publicity. Could I? Should I? M T’s upcoming stall at #BurySt Edmunds Christmas Fayre.

Originally posted on M T McGuire Authorholic:

McMini’s latest, as he looked out at the pouring rain and the dark, sub-aqueous sky this morning.

“Mummy, I think the sun has decided not to get up this morning and it is hiding under the covers with its underpants over its head, refusing to come out.”

Very succinctly put. Naturally a long conversation ensued about the specifications of inter galactic underpants as we discussed size, standard of flame retardancy would be required when constructing (make doesn’t reflect the size of the undertaking) underpants for a star.

To be honest, today, I’m feeling a little bit like the sun, myself. I’m doing an event at the end of the week, so I have been having a go at press stuff. I started yesterday – nice and early natch (not). I’ve got something going that reads a bit like this:

“Hello I’m M T McGuire, an author based in Bury St Edmunds…

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Excerpt – On Hearing of My Mother’s Death Six Years After It Happened by Lori Schafer

Originally posted on Ch'kara SilverWolf:

Today I have an excerpt for you from On Hearing of My Mother’s Death Six Years After It Happened by author Lori Schafer.

Lori Schafer Mother's Death Front FlyerDETENTION!

An Excerpt from

On Hearing of My Mother’s Death Six Years After It Happened

A Daughter’s Memoir of Mental Illness

“Steinberg! Schafer! Detention!” Mr. Cooper shouted furiously, his nearly bald pointed head bristling with a temper I had never witnessed before. That possibly no one had ever witnessed before. Normally he disregarded his students entirely and went on, in spite of the constant conversation and ill-concealed catcalls, with his physics lectures as if the classroom were empty, or perhaps irrelevant in the face of so much captivating science. But today we had somehow pierced the thick shield of his academic armor and prodded him into unanticipated and unheard-of disciplinary action. I testily kicked aside the pile of tiny paper airplanes that had grown at my feet…

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New Release – Baylee Breaking by Simone Beaudelaire

Originally posted on Ch'kara SilverWolf:

Today I have a new release of the novel Baylee Breaking by my friend and fellow author Simone Beaudelaire.

Simone Baylee BreakingDESCRIPTION

When Chase arrives in Dallas after a work transfer, he feels out of place in the big southwestern city. Reeling from a breakup and lost in a sea of faces, he reaches out for the first comfort he sees… a beautiful waif of a woman.

But she won’t give him the time of day. While Brooklyn drives Chase wild with desire, she remains elusive. What secrets is the dark beauty hiding? Will they cost Chase more than his heart?

This is a sweet romance and contains no graphic sex scenes or strong language.


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New Release – Daring Passage by Maggie Plummer

Originally posted on Ch'kara SilverWolf:

I have a new release for you for Daring Passage, book two in the Spirited Away Saga by my friend and fellow author Maggie Plummer, the paperback version will be out soon.


DARING PASSAGE: BOOK TWO OF THE SPIRITED AWAY SAGA is a much-awaited sequel that tells the rest of the story, picking up right where Maggie Plummer’s first novel (SPIRITED AWAY – A NOVEL OF THE STOLEN IRISH) left off.

It is still 1656. Freddy O’Brennan is on the run, determined to protect her young children and keep her family together. Her character is tested more than ever as she navigates a choking gauntlet of greed, corruption, duplicity, and bloody violence.

Romantic sparks fly, then smolder … and threaten to explode.

Freddy’s story, inspired by historical events, captures a rare, authentic glimpse of New World colonies in the seventeenth century.


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New Release – Earth Vs. Aliens by T. Jackson King

Originally posted on Ch'kara SilverWolf:

Today I have a new release for you, Earth Vs. Aliens, the first book in the Aliens series, by my friend and fellow author Tom Jackson King.

Tom EarthAlgolSunriseFotolia (8)DESCRIPTION
“Jack Munroe grew up in the Asteroid Belt and learned to never take anything at face value. In space, you assume, you die. So when Aliens show up in the distant Kuiper Belt, out beyond Pluto, asking for a First Contact ‘chat’ with his crewmates on the comet hunting spaceship Uhuru, he warns his captain not to trust words but to get the heck away. His evolutionary biology studies have taught him that bright skin colors, shark-like teeth and talons mean these Aliens are star-traveling predators! But that violates the ‘feel good’ society promoted by Earth’s Unity government. A bloody fight ensues and Jack realizes these Aliens are keystone predators aiming to add Sol system to their home territory. Jack leads…

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New Release – Vanished By James A. Anderson

Originally posted on Ch'kara SilverWolf:

Here is New Release, Vanished the first in The Sibling Sleuths series, by friend and fellow author James Anderson.

JAMES A Vanished_Cover_for_Kindle(1)


One minute Anna Childs was there and the next…..she was gone. Just like that.

Her father, Scott Childs, owner of Bayfield’s local amusement park – Wonderland – is frantic. Teen sleuths Katie and Trevor Mackenzie are investigating her disappearance from the Death Ride. But Anna doesn’t appear to have an enemy in the world. Who in Bayfield wants this girl gone?


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Author Interview – Jaq D Hawkins – The Goblin Trilogy

Originally posted on Ch'kara SilverWolf:

Today I am interviewing Jaq D Hawkins about her books The Goblin trilogy.  I have read some of Jaq’s other books and they’re awesome.

JAQ 3smShort author bio: Jaq D Hawkins is a published writer with 10 books in publication in the Mind, Body, Spirit genre published by Capall Bann Publishing, as well as four Fantasy novels in print and E-book; The Wake of the Dragon, Dance of the Goblins,Demoniac Dance, and, Power of the Dance, published by Golbin Publishing. A combined book of the Goblin Trilogy has just been released and a science fiction project is currently in progress.

JAQ GoblinTrilogy

Tell us a little about your book.

The Goblin Trilogy includes all three novels in the series, Dance of the Goblins, Demoniac Dance and Power of the Dance in one volume. Each book is stand alone, but continues a generation later in the same Fantasy…

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